006 – Shoegaze or not shoegaze…

Posted: July 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

ask!ng Sally are a fun 4-peice based in Belgium…and who is Sally? An imaginary heroine.
Starting life as a trio in 2000 Ask!ng Sally they have thus far released 2 albums, Never Play Cowboy in an Indian Shop (2006) & Subway (2008) a concept-album about transport, plus three EP’s (2001-2006).
They have a very limited online presence but you can listen to the most excellent “Chatterley Station” from the ‘Subway’ concept album @ http://www.myspace.com/lavanneprod

Mechanism For People are a French duo – shoegaze electronica with a dark side and the best band I’ve discovered for ages! They do a beautiful cover version of “Piano Fire” by Sparkelhorse @

Their new album ‘Never reach for the stars’ was released on April 14th this year and the first single “Red Dress” is just great! I adore the clean guitar sounds against the fuzzy synths and lo-fi production. But with this band it’s the balance of the male/female vocals that I love the most. It provides a real conversational quality to the delivery and a subtle nod to bands like ‘Black Box Recorder’ that I love so much. Check it out for yourself @

And finally, We Aeronauts are an 8-piece based in Oxford, but formed from the ashes of a holiday to France. BBC’s Huw Stephens really likes them and they’ve played alongside Laura Marling, Jeff Lewis and also at the Green Man Festival. Their ‘Chalon Valley EP’ was released in March this year and in their own words “has taken them nearly two years to complete and is a tidy summary of their hectic beginnings.”
I love their track “Fleet River” – it’s nearly 6 minutes of lush layers providing sonic loveliness. A lovely selection of instruments and dynamic range builds the beginning of this song into a trance like lullaby. It’s close to the three-minute mark before the vocals come in, but when they do I’m moved from my dream like lull and instantly listening to the graphic story-telling lyrics with a great intensity. I’m warmed by the heart and soul of this record – it makes me feel like I can see the landscape as they remember it around the valleys and foothills (Ahhhh). The introduction of female vocals harmonies and then the drop off pre outro with hand-claps just finishes this beautifully produced track of nicely.
You can purchase the EP from the bands http://weaeronauts.bandcamp.com/
Or check out this performance of “Fleet River” at the Reykjavík Downtown Hostel during the Iceland Airwaves 2010 Festival @

Sacre Noir has a 2nd FREE night at Belushi’s Bar, Edinburgh…
TONIGHT – Friday 8th July 2011
If you’re not @ T in The Park come down and say hi – live performance & DJ sets from Sacre Noir, plus special guest DJ sets from AlexisSs (Savage Sound System) & Kai Davidson (Axis)…who was amazing last week x


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