007 – the other side of the world…

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Many many great bands have found their way from the shores of Australia & New Zealand to my record player (now computer & phone), and so when looking for some new music this week I decided to take a geographical approach. I thought to myself, “where in the world will I find some fine new music to listen to this week?” Answer – the other side of the world…

So my first new find for this week is Australian born (but now based in London), Sarah Blasko.
Sarah’s 3rd album “As Day Follows Night” released on July 10th (Dew Process/UMA) was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter, Björn & John fame. It is a delicate and heartfelt collection of beautifully crafted & delicately produced songs, that strikes an honest balance between tragic & touching.
She seems to have a knack of finding the right people to work with for each record, and great people they all are. From “Wally” Gagel who produced the first release in L.A. in 2004, former member of the band Orbit with working credits that include; Eels, New Order, Rolling Stones, Sebadoh, Muse & Tanya Donelly, to New York-based producer/engineer Victor Van Vugt, who produces the second record in 2006. Van Vugt has worked with Beth Orton, PJ Harvey & Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.
The first single from the new album is ‘All I Want’ – listen @

From the very first bar of the introduction you are transported to another time – high noon @ some Texan tavern. Then the vocals arrive and you realise that this is a very class tavern you find yourself in, most likely clean and with a selection of fine world beers and wines. The gentle tone of the vocal delivery feels instantly familiar and soothing, if not a filled with a little sorrow. Recently on tour with Lykke Li and having already made a name for herself back home in Australia, I feel certain that the UK will warm to this lovely songstress and show her all the support she deserves over her too.

Hollie Fullbrook a.k.a Tiny Ruins is another wonderful songwriter/musician based on the other side of the world, this time in New Zealand. Recorded in late 2010 and released in July this year, “Some Were Meant For Sea” (Spunk Records) is her debut album. It’s a very grown up set of songs, that delivers a sense of wisdom in the way only a fine storyteller can provide. Honest observations and lovely one liners are carried along on beautiful melodies and harmonies. My favourite track is ‘Little Notes’, a beautiful love song!
Listen @

And finally a little nod to one of my older, but still favourite finds of recent years – Operator Please. Formed in 2005 and finding some fame with ‘Just A Song About Ping Pong’ they are indeed a very cool band.

Take everything you think you know about Operator Please and put it aside. The Queensland-based band defy all expectations on their second album, Gloves, with the youthful enthusiasm and teenage angst that gave them worldwide recognition making way for a more sophisticated and developed sound.
I’m loving ‘Catapult’ from the new album – full on 4 to the floor club crowd-pleaser for sure!
Listen @

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