012 -Sacre Noir Summer Tour (London Break Days)

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August 16th-18th 2011, London

16th – Sacre Noir promotion handing out CDs and postcards around Brick Lane & Spitalfields. Went into Rough Trade East and had a great chat with the manager about the band and our influences. It really is a very cool shop and I had to stop myself buying Rough Trade branded everything; T-Shirts, Converse Trainers, Headphones etc, so I went for a pin badge. Then onto HMV @ Shaftesbury Avenue, Shoreditch & Bethnal Green. We had tea @ Ealing Towers with Joe (our host for the week) and sat in the garden til very late drinking and chatting about all the cool things we could do with the rest of our time in London. Joe is a designer and has worked with some amazing musicians (Robert Plant, Paul Weller etc.) so has some great tales to tell.

17th August – More Sacre Noir promotion, starting off at Nottinghill Gate. We chatted to the lovely people at Savage London (who played the CD straight away) and Mau Mau on Portobello Road. Then we headed to Rough Trade West before moving onto Covent Garden (for lunch at Pasta Brown’s).

Alexis @ Savage London, 17th August 2011

Aleixs @ Savage London, 17th August 2011

We spent the evening in Soho & met up with old friend Keith for a drink at Bar Italia (amazing coffee & apple juice). Keith is just starting up some new nights at The Carlyle Arms and who should be sitting outside but Paloma Faith. Keith is the lead vocalist / guitarist in The Penny Black Remedy and a very old friend of Alexis’s (they used to be in a band called ‘This Year’s Model’ back in the 90’s). He moved to London about 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back. The band are really busy with Festival gigs and finishing the 2nd album…I find I get very jealous very quickly. It’s just a quick catch up as he’s of to start the first of 2 DJ sets of the night (one @ The Carlyle Arms 6-11pm then onto the 12 Bar Club for an 11-3 session).
Sacre Noir & The Penny Black Remedy @ The Sailsbury, London - 18th August 2011

Sacre Noir & The Penny Black Remedy @ The Salisbury, London - 18th August 2011 (Carrie, Alexis, Keith & Marijana)

We ate at the Greek restaurant in Pitshanger Lane, which was very nice indeed (and cheap too).

18th August – Sacre Noir promotion at Sounds of the Universe and then for the last night in London we went to Pizza Express on Dean Street (good Jazz venue) and met up with Keith & Marijana for tea before heading to the Comic Book Shop to see the preview of Rob Deb’s Camden Fringe Show ‘A-Z of Superheroes’.

Rob Deb - Comic Book Guy, 18th August 2011

Rob Deb - Comic Book Guy, 18th August 2011

It was a really good night and nice to see something funny too. You didn’t have to be a comic book type to get it but the audience who clearly were seemed to lap it up and really enjoyed the Q&A session at the end. “Who would win in a fight, Batman’s Nan or Spiderman’s Auntie?”

  1. Lochaber says:

    Wow. You guys are obviously having too good a time.

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