013 – Sacre Noir Summer Tour (Day Fifteen / Gig 5)

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Friday 19th August 2011, Paris

Alexis @ Belushi's Paris

Alexis @ Belushi's Paris - 19th August 2011

Arrived in Paris and it’s very hot (30 degrees +). We dropped off our musical gear at Belushi’s, which is on Rue de Crimee, by the Canal, then headed to the hotel (TINGIS) by Place de Clichy – very nice boutique style rooms and nice wee courtyard at the back.
Spent the day wandering around and ended up out at La Defense (amazing architecture and beautiful views of the city). Then onto one of our favourite areas in Paris Montparnasse and had a lovely meal in the evening shadow of the tower @ Delea.
It feels great to be back in such a beautiful city and even better in the evening sun.
La Defense, Paris - 19th August 2011

La Defense, Paris - 19th August 2011

Saturday 20th August 2011 – Paris Plage gig

Got up early, headed out for coffee near the hotel before packing up and heading off to Belushi’s for our stay there.
I honestly can’t believe how great the management (Aiah, Martin & Robert) and the rest of the staff at Belushi’s have been with us. We’re really lucky to have been invited over to play and will be performing 3 times whilst we’re here; Paris Plage on Saturday 20th, Graham’s Open Mic on Sunday 21st and a full Sacre Noir showcase in the club downstairs on Wednesday 24th.

So we arrive get settled into the room & check out Paris Plage. Ever summer they turn the area around the Seine into a beach and have loads of water sports and activities, cafes and bars… it’s just great! So we find the area where we’ll be playing, go get some lunch and then start moving the gear to the beach.

Hitch 1: There seems to be a lot of stuff missing from the Belushi’s music store; Kettle leads for the PA, extension cords and some other bits ‘n’ bobs. Graham (who runs the open mic and is from Scotland too – as are a few members of staff here) helps to get all the stuff we need & then we’re ready to set up by about 3pm.

Sacre Noir's set up @ Paris Plage, Belushi's Stage

Sacre Noir's set up @ Paris Plage, Belushi's Stage - 20th August 2011

Hitch 2: The PA Speakers don’t work! OH NO! So we have to wait til Ludovic (the tech guy) arrives at 6pm… he gets the speakers working… for a short time… and then one of them blows. So after checking every other available lead, we decide that STEREO is over-rated anyway and go for it with just one PA Speaker working. Not ideal, but we just go for it and hope the people like what they hear.
A bit of DJing before and after the Sacre Noir live set included tunes from the usual repertoire; DeeZy “Live my life” feat. Lucette Dupree, Little Dragon “Ritual Union”, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Garden” etc

Sacre Noir @ Paris Plage, Belushi's Stage

Sacre Noir @ Paris Plage, Belushi's Stage - 20th August 2011

After the set Alexis went to try out his French skills and took the mailing list and FREE CDs round the crowd. It was a great reaction to the music (and our Scottish accents) from everyone we spoke to. We made friends with some very cute kids whilst waiting around in the sun and gave them a wee shot of the drums and mini keyboard via headphones and they took away some CDs and postcards, so I’m pretty sure they will be our youngest fans yet!

Then we had to dismantle the set up and get it all back to Belushi’s, which is just round the corner. It was a great experience and buzz playing in a foreign city (especially one as beautiful as Paris on such a hot day), if not a little stressful at first. Now we’re really looking forward to the next Paris appearance, tomorrow night’s set at the Open Mic.

After such a crazy and exciting day we head out for tea and end up at 25 Est, which is just on the other side of the canal (La Villette Basin). Very nice food, but the service left a lot to be desired – very different from the great service we had the night before at Delea.


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