016 – Sacre Noir Summer Tour (Day Nineteen / Gig 7)

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Wednesday 24th August 2011, Paris – Belushi’s Showcase

Another crazy day in the wonderful world of Belushi’s… when we get up the power sockets in our room aren’t working. So we head down to the bar and re-charge batteries whilst we’re having breakfast. We also ate lunch at the Belushi’s bar, which was really very nice. I had baked cod with pea puree and wedges and Alexis had Steak, not what you’d expect from Hostel food.
The club downstairs is being re-decorated today so we arrange to play in the bar upstairs from about 10pm – so the rest of the day is ours.
Top Tip (from Ali @ Belushi’s) – check out the Parc des Buttes Chaumont.
This is a great big park at the end of Rue Crimee with an amazing tower and lake. It’s obviously a ‘local’ park and not too busy at all. We spent ages just wandering in and out of the caves and up to the tower for a great view of the city.

Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris

Parc des Buttes Chaumont, Paris

We set up for the gig and started Djing from 10pm. However this was just in time for the evening check-in rush, so we try to keep the volume down a wee bit so the staff don’t have to shout at the new arrivals.
The set went down well and speaking to people afterwards got a similar reaction to previous Paris shows; that it’s good to see something a bit different & what a great look we have (people love the feathers) as well as some very nice compliments about my voice.
After the live set we get back to the DJ tunes including a new track we discovered at Raphael’s the previous night – an amazing remix of the Rage Against The Machine track, Killing in the Name by Sebastian. Packed up by midnight and that’s us played all our gigs in Paris for this tour.
It seems really sad to be leaving Paris so soon, but knowing that we get to play at Bumper in Liverpool on Friday and spend some time with family & friends in England makes it that bit easier.

I Love Paris

I Love Paris


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