018 – Sacre Noir Summer Tour – (Day Twenty One / Gig 8)

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Friday 26th August 2011, Liverpool – Bumper

After a great night’s sleep we have a very lazy morning before heading to Liverpool. We’re booked into the Parr Street PodzZz for after the gig in Bumper which is one of the coolest places we’ve stayed yet.
After checking in to the PodzZz, we head to Tokyou Noodle Bar for some lunch. This was the top tip for good food whist we were in Liverpool in May for Sound City, but there was always a queue and never made it in. The food was excellent!

Parr Street, Liverpool

Parr Street, Liverpool (Peter Guy tribute picture)

Then got the gear to Bumper and headed off for coffee before sound check and tea at a nice Mediterranean Restaurant. I really love Liverpool – it’s so full of great music venues and places to eat and drink.
Having spent a lot of time at Bumper during the Sound City weekend in May and having seen some amazing acts take to the stage (Ed Sheeran, Alex Mills, Jay Norton & Wretch 32) this is one of the gigs we have most been looking forward to.

First act on at Bumper was David Silock – one man and his guitar… Really nice vocal delivery; confident with the quirky lyrics and unexpected phrasing. David has a really cool website for you to check out, filled with news and reviews.

David Silcock @ Bumper, Liverpool

David Silcock @ Bumper, Liverpool - Friday 26th August 2011

Next up, four young lads from Liverpool, Raw City.
“This degenerate quartet are exhuming some of the catchiest underground garage music around; rugged tones are married to DIY ethics to cumulate in a band that screams sheer potential.” (Everisland Promotions Aug 11)
A pretty new band on the Liverpool scene I think but they definately do have loads of potential. Musically I thought it was a bit Stoogies-esque, but the vocals were more Liam Gallagher than Iggy Pop.

Raw City @ Bumper, Liverpool

Raw City @ Bumper, Liverpool - Friday 26th August 2011

Then it was our turn…
Sound check sounded great but during the gig my mini Kaoss pad wasn’t working…very strange indeed. I suppose that’s the joy of everything being electonic, would be much easier to just turn up with a guitar but nowhere near as much fun (or interesting).

Sacre Noir @ Bumper, Liverpool

Sacre Noir @ Bumper, Liverpool - Friday 26th August 2011

The reaction was really good despite the lack of effects and those we spoke to said they’d tell all their friends, so we’ll need to come back again soon. Bumper is such a great venue and we’re so glad to have been able to play there.

Now for a weekend off with family, nice one.


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