019 – Sacre Noir Summer Tour (Days off in the UK)

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Saturday 27th August 2011

Alexis in Liverpool,

Alexis in Liverpool, 27th August 2011

Checked out of the PodzZz by 10am and the weather has decided to grant us to a torrential rainstorm. It only lasts about an hour or so, just long enough to get soaking wet on the way to the Albert Docks.
Met up with Lenny & Rachael before going to the Tate. The first few floors have a variety of exhibitions including one curated by Carole Ann Duffy. The main reason for our visit was to check out the Magritte exhibition…it was amazing. So many iconic pictures I’ve seen in magazines and so many more that I had never even seen before and wouldn’t have thought were Magritte at all. You can really see the influence of Picasso in a lot of his work. The sheer volume and variety was impressive in itself; from pencil drawing, painting, sculpture, video and commercial work all in the same space.
Alexis & Rachael @ the Tate Liverpool

Alexis & Rachael @ the Tate Liverpool - Giant table & chairs by Robert Therrien

After that we headed over to the History of Liverpool museum. This is a brand new building by the docks and still has a couple of floors to finish. The first floor was local history and as Liverpool has so much union & trade history it was fascinating. Could have spent all day just looking round that, but with so much more to see we headed to the ‘Wonderful Life’ section which housed all the music, sport and cultural stuff and as you can imagine wasn’t lacking in memorabilia.
After such a great day we headed back to Preston with a selection of Patisserie Valerie cakes and had a nice relaxing evening. Rachael made an amazing spread of jacket potatoes, quiche, rice salad and all the trimmings…just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday 28th August 2011
After a busy day yesterday we had a chilled out morning then spent the afternoon in Clitheroe. Started with lunch in a local restaurant (which was very good) and then onto the castle, museum and art gallery. Very impressive views from the castle grounds and although a bit breezy the weather was clear and allowed us to see across the county.

The view from Clitheroe Castle

The view from Clitheroe Castle, Sunday August 28th 2011

It’s been an excellent weekend with Lenny & Rachael, finished off by another fine meal (this time Rachael made veggie cannelloni) and a spot of TV. We watched the Michael Gambon film ‘Page Eight’…which was excellent.

Monday 29th August – Wednesday 31st August 2011

A few days off to catch up with old friends…
We had a few days in South Shields catching up with good friends Steve & Rockie. No major plans or expeditions, just walks with their dogs Cookie & Jack on the beach and nearby parks, trips into Newcastle for a night out and on the last night we went for the most amazing Thai meal at The Orange Grass. Cookie & Jack are 2 of the cutest and best-behaved animals I have ever spent time with. They even managed to make friends with Alexis, which is no mean feat.
Alexis at Marsden Beach

Alexis at Marsden Beach, Tuesday 30th August 2011

Next stop London for the showcase at The White Lion in Streatham. It’s a real pleasure to be playing at such a great venue and knowing that if we make any money it’ll be going to their charity ‘Music 4 Children’ makes it even more worth while..


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