020 – Sacre Noir Summer Tour (Day Twenty Seven / Gig 9)

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thursday 1st September 2011, London

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day in South Shields (the weather really has been on our side during this tour) got a taxi to the train station and we’re on the road again. Everything went smoothly and we arrived back in London just before 4pm. There’s a bus from outside King’s Cross that takes us to Streatham Hill and we managed to get the gear to the venue by 6pm. The White Lion was quite a walk from the bus stop, but we got there without too much stress, checked into our room and after a quick coffee (in the beer garden making the most of the lovely weather) we headed out for the final pre-gig tea on the road. After a quick wander round the area we discovered a great little veggie / vegan place called Whole Meal just across the road from the venue so ate there.
With bellies full we head across the road to prepare for the evening ahead. Set-up & sound check all done by 9pm, we start with a spot of DJing (Terry Lynn, T.E.E.D etc) and then managed to play the full live set without any hiccups. All the effects work and there is no smoke pouring out of anything, so I call this one a success!

Setting up @ The White Lion, Streatham

Setting up @ The White Lion, Streatham - Thursday 1st September 2011

The sound engineer was great and the venue really suited our sound; the folk who were there seemed to like our style and we’ve been invited to come back and play again, which we most definitely will.
As always the Savage Sound System tracks (Mobile Mafia & How Much For The Ape?) went down really well, and I thought the new tracks (Ou Est L’arret Pour Moi & The Fifth Element) were sounding good too. Playing the set seemed really easy tonight, but I guess after 7 previous shows that’s what you’d expect.
The venue is hosting their 2nd birthday party this weekend with loads of great bands (Alabama 3), beach party & BBQ … we wish we could stay but the homecoming gig is calling (and our own bed), so maybe next year. The White Lion complex is run by Music 4 Children, a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable children worldwide and includes; accommodation for 70 people, a fantastic bar with live music most evenings, an enclosed beer garden and a workshop space that can also be used for community meetings and projects.
Alexis @ The White Lion, Streatham

Alexis @ The White Lion, Streatham - Thursday 1st September 2011

Music4Children is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged and orphaned children around the world through various projects that break the negative cycles of homelessness, poverty, crime and abuse. Music4Children centres are community-run, ethically managed and self-sustaining, using renewable energy and locally-sourced materials. They also embed themselves in the local economies of communities, encouraging exposure of local crafts and produce to tourists and other buyers and through the learning of skills, aim to improve the quality of life for future generations.


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