030 – Sewing the seeds of Sacre Noir

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Electronic Music, London music, trip hop, Uncategorized, Unsigned Music Tour

Sewing the seeds of Sacre Noir
The summer is coming and we have another tour planned for August 2012 to help promote the 2nd Sacre Noir LP ‘Sinking Into Darkness’ (pre-sale from 25th June 2012). I really love playing in venues outside of Scotland – it always feels exotic, even if it is a freezing day in London or Berlin. We’ve been looking for cover suggestions for tracks to take on the road this summer and one of the suggestions was ‘Glory Box’.
It will be 10 years this month since I completed my music degree, and it was in that final year at Perth College where the seeds started to grow and Sacre Noir really began. The previous year I had sung for Alexis’s ‘trip-hop’ final year project, covering amazing bands like Massive Attack & Faithless. It was the best thing I’d been involved in at college, so when it came to deciding what my final year project would be based on, I stole Alexis’s idea and put together an amazing set with an amazing bunch of musicians from the college: Mindy Kalsi – 2nd Vocals, Tom Wilkinson – bass, Steve Dunn – Synth, Gareth Patterson – Guitar & Ryan Gray – Electronic Drums.
I have very fond memories of the set; a great bunch of tracks by some of my favourite artists including Ruby, Beth Orton, Gorillaz and many more. Mindy did a couple of crackers (Bloodstain by UNKLE & Gabriel by Lamb) and the highlight of the show for me, was our cover of Portishead’s “Glory Box”… well if you’re gonna have a trip-hop band, you might as well go straight to the top. I did have a video copy of our final showcase performance (but it was lent out and never retuned) however, I do have a few mini-disc recordings from our practices & here is a little clip of our version of that great track by Portishead:

We’ve wanted to cover this next track since we heard it live on tour last year! For those of you that aren’t regular readers of my irregular blog, here’s my first thoughts about this tracks, recorded in an earlier blog: Summer Tour Day 7 / Gig 3
The track is ‘It’s Not Like That’ by a great London-based artist called Paul Browse. Paul suggested we try it out for the summer tour & I’m so pleased to say he’s now got a recorded version on his SoundCloud page for you all to enjoy!

We started by trying to put together a simple chart for the song with lyrics & chords, then sent it over to Paul for a quick check (making sure we hadn’t missed anything really important)… some of the lyrics were rather amusingly wrong, so Paul kindly sent over a chart for us to follow along with some notes…

Paul Browse Score

It’s Not Like That

If only everything in life could be this simple & organised! I love the detail & generally sound musicianship skills you get when dealing with artists of a certain quality. We have started putting together our own version of the track & will be playing it in our sets on tour this summer – I only hope we can do Paul & his songwriting justice!

The other suggestion was a track by one of my favourite artists, Amanda Palmer called ‘Runs In The Family’… this needs a little more time & effort than I’ve got at the moment, but have started looking at it and maybe we’ll have something ready for the winter tour!
We have recently put our cover of ‘Time’ by Chase & Status up for FREE DOWNLOAD on the Sacre Noir SoundCloud page & welcome all suggestions for cover tracks to add to our sets.

We have almost finalised all the details for the summer tour and the 2nd LP is due out on Monday 23rd July 2012, so more news to follow soon.


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