033 – Summer Tour 2012 (Gig Three)

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Belushi's, cover songs, Dark Electronica, Electronic Music, Paris Plage, Sacre Noir, trip hop, Uncategorized, Unsigned Music Tour

Thursday 2nd August 2012
Here we go!
Arrived in Paris late in the afternoon, checked into Belushi’s then headed out for tea in the 19th. . . after checking that the guitar had made it to Paris in 1 piece – it had!


Alexis with Phil’s guitar & the Belushi’s Paris acoustic – Ibanez sponsorship coming soon?!?

Found a great little pizza place called A mi-ami… it smelled so good we couldn’t resist and we weren’t disappointed! Pizza was great, beer was also very good (Israeli beer called Macabees – like the football team) and the owner was lovely. We got chatting to him about music & the tour and turns out he’s really into hip-hop & electronica too. So we arranged to meet up again whilst we’re in town to swap CDs and musical tips.

Friday 3rd August 2012
Gig 1 in Paris – Paris Plage with Charlie
First proper day in Paris so we caught up with Graham at breakfast and arranged to play at the Plage that evening, so decided to head out for the day. Made it to Sacre Coeur and then had lunch in a nice wee park before heading back to the Plage. We’d arranged to meet up with Charlie Rae and convinced her to play a few songs too. Was so great to see a familiar face in Paris and great to hear her performing again (it’s been a year and she’s still awesome).

Charlie @ The Plage (Belushi's / Skippy's Bar)

Charlie @ The Plage (Belushi’s / Skippy’s Bar)

Spent the night hanging out at the Plage with the cool staff from Belushi’s – a bit of a different crowd this year but Ben had just arrived back from the States and his wee brother ‘Blakie’ was there this year too. Dave (the amazing chef) had moved up to the new venue at the other end of the canal (La Rotonde) and Marti was still there, but the new guys were great! Johan (Swedish political scientist) and Reinold (Dutch hospitality intern). Plus it was Emily’s last night in Paris so we got to see her for a bit too. Really love those guys – feels like a home from home.


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