Tuesday 28th August – gig at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow
After a week of being back in Edinburgh we’ve just about caught up with all the work awaiting our return and are ready for the final show of the Summer Tour. We’re lucky enough to be joined once again by Phil on electric guitar and Alexis switches to electronic drums for this last show at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow.

Blackboard at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

Blackboard at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

Got the train through just in time for the rush hour crowds to be heading home, with all our gear it was a bit of a squeeze, but we made it with plenty of time to set up and get a good sound check. The sound in the venue is superb & it’s nice to be back to the familiar line-up of guitar, drums and vocals. It’s the first time any of us have been in the venue and we’re all really impressed (space, facilities, staff & pizza were all excellent).
Alexis & Phil pre-gig @ Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

Alexis & Phil pre-gig @ Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

We played first to a fairly appreciative audience and chatting to peeps afterwards once again proved insightful; putting faces to names and getting feedback on the set from peers and audience members are always fun parts of any gig. I was really impressed with the overall sound at Pivo Pivo and having not practiced with Phil since before the Hyperbubble show in mid July (and even that was a different line-up with Alexis playing 2nd guitar) we all seemed to fit straight back into the swing of things. Tracks of the night that stood out were ‘Rue Crimee’ and ‘Night Flight’.
Next up was Becci Wallace & Bill Breaks who I enjoyed very much indeed. I’d heard Becci do guitar vocal stuff via her YouTube page before but didn’t really know what to expect from this collaboration. From the very first track, the beatz were crisp, the bass was heavy and the vocals were delightfully original and delivered with style and an honesty rarely seem in music these days. Their set was a blend of down-tempo hip-hop vibes and trippy lyrical delights. For me the set was reminiscent of Helicopter Girl or Martina Topley-Bird and ticked all of my musical likes for this kind stuff.
Becci Wallace & Bill Breaks

Becci Wallace & Bill Breaks

So that was us, packed up and heading back to Edinburgh & before we knew it, the summer tour 2012 was well and truly wrapped up.
You can check out our video of the tour featuring live footage and more here:

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