Monday 15th July 2013
Gig 2 – Box, Glasgow
As we’re not actually “on the road” yet, today was a pretty normal day of work and more work, before the gig. Alexis & I met up in Glasgow and headed to the venue for sound-check @ 6pm.

It’s a FREE gig night in Box every Monday night and there were meant to be 4 bands playing tonight before the 11pm jazz session starts. There’s only one other band in when we arrive at the venue so we arrange to sound-check last and pop next door to Broadcast to take advantage of their 2-4-1 burger & pizza offer (which was very nice). The engineer at Box is great, so when we played the set it sounded spot on! The monitor mix on stage was really clear so this was a good opportunity to check out how the new mixes and tracks in the set were sounding.
The balance of the duo set-up provides a fairly different sound the one we achieve with the addition of live guitar – it’s less ‘rock’ and more ‘electro’ so we’ve worked really hard to make sure everything sits in the dynamic range as well as it does when we’ve got Phil on hand with his Ibanez magic. Based on tonight’s sound we’re more than happy!
One of the bands still hadn’t shown up by the time the second band took to the stage and the other cancelled, so there was plenty of time between sets to clear the stage and pack up. The band on after us (I didn’t catch their name) are a new 4-piece indie rock band from Paisley. They’ve only played five gigs so far, but seem pretty confident with their sound and style.
Picture 1

Next gig: Monday 22nd July @ The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London (FREE)


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