Monday 22nd July 2013
Gig 3 – The Vibe Bar, London

We had a nice lazy morning in Ealing shopping on the Broadway, I got new trainers and we managed to pick up some soya yoghurts and a few other essentials for the house, before heading back to have lunch.
It really does make a difference having a proper kitchen and place to stay when we’re away from home. Eating out all the time is fun but can get a little pricey!

It’s another scorcher of a day in London (33.5 degrees – the hottest day of the year) and there is a lot of excitement around the arrival of the new Royal baby. When we leave for sound-check the tube is like an oven – everyone is melting, but still seem to be in high spirits. We arrive at The Vibe Bar for 6pm as arranged, set up and after a few minor technical problems have a run though the new track ‘Heartache’ to make sure everything is working etc.

Iain the promoter / engineer has always been a great supporter of Sacre Noir (he gave us our first every London gig) and does a great job at hosting the ‘Plugged In Switched On’ events. It seems to be a pretty successful format (approx 6 weeks waiting to get a slot at the moment) and he always manages to put on some very talented folk.
The highlight of tonight’s line up was London based singer / songwriter ‘Sir Spence’ – really soulful voice and despite this only being his 5th gig as a performer (he done a bit of writing in the past) he delivered a really tight set. My favourite track from his set was one called ‘Papers’ – his newest and for me the most memorable of the night.
Also on the same bill was a lovely singer from Australia who played some nice covers… she had a fab voice (angelic / country) and some pretty cool guitar playing skills too, but like every other time we’ve played in London her talent was no surprise to me. Almost every act (unsigned) we’ve seen play in London is very, very talented and really seem to know what they are all about. I guess when there are so many great musicians and writers in one area it attracts others.
We played at around 10pm and the happy Londoners seemed to enjoy the show! We had a couple of technical issues including a problem with Alexis’s click and I’m pretty sure my Mini KP wasn’t really doing it’s thing, but no-one was any the wiser. We started the set with the new single ‘Rue Crimée’ and finished with the first single ‘She Can’t Take It’ – both always go down well and tonight was no different.
There were 9 acts on before us and a couple after, but we had to head back to Liverpool Street to grab the tube, so that was all we saw. It’s really important for us to try and connect with other musicians and music loving punters whilst on tour and so we hate to leave a gig before all the acts have played – however I think 11 acts is a good stint for one evening.

We love the Vibe Bar (it’s had a make-over since we last played) and can’t wait to come back and play again in the future.
By the time we got back to our base in Ealing we were both mega tired and fairly hungry, so had some bread and hummus, a very large glass of Mango juice then off to bed!

Next gig: Thursday 25th July @ The Arc, Angel Islington, London (FREE)
2-4-1 Cocktails on selected cocktails all day on a Thursday


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