Wednesday 23rd July – Day off in Paris

Today we mainly enjoyed the sunshine and parks of Paris & did a little promotion for our up-coming shows in the city. Everyone we spoke to commented on how “super cool” the model in the picture looked and seemed to think it was me (which is very flattering indeed). I think we may have created a fan-club for our dolls in Paris, so hopefully that will translate into views for the videos / likes on Facebook etc. I have recently been reading a lot about the importance of ‘online presence’ and how it relates to radio play in the UK, which has led to me feel a little down on the whole social media aspect of being an unsigned musician, but it really does help to keep in touch with fans across the world, so maybe I can just use and abuse the system to suit Sacre Noir’s progress.

After coffee in the morning, we wandered up to Paris Plage by Canal Saint-Denis (via Pere Lachaise) & popped into Belushi’s to catch up with friends who work there.

Pere Lachaise

Pere Lachaise

It’s always great to see familiar faces in unfamiliar places (not that Paris is so unfamiliar these days) & we arranged to have a BBQ on Sunday afternoon for a proper catch up.

Alexis showed me how to play petanque in the afternoon and we spent a good hour by the canal doing this until we decided it was time for lunch.

Alexis - Petanque action shot

Alexis – Petanque action shot

A trip to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont is always on the cards when we’re in town, so after lunch that’s where we headed off to for a few hours before going back to Belushi’s for a drink with their marketing manager Ben (such a good guy).

Buttes Chaumont

Buttes Chaumont

Feeling very tired from all the walking and sunshine we headed back to the apartment (via a supermarket) and had a relaxing evening there. Not able to stay indoors for too long when in Paris, we decided to go out again and discover the area. Our apartment is near Nation, which is a very lively area with lots of bars and cafes which all seem to stay open til the wee small hours.


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