Thursday 24th July @ La Dame de Canton, Paris

In the morning we went to The Château de Vincennes, which is a massive 14th/17th century castle about 20 minutes walk from our apartment. Inside the Château de Vincennes are the relics of the Crown of Thorns, but the weather was too nice for us to go indoors, so instead we went to the Parc floral de Paris, which is on the outskirts of the bois de Vincennes (part of the ancient forest).

Alexis & Carrie - Parc floral de Paris

Alexis & Carrie – Parc floral de Paris

In the afternoon we had lunch in the apartment before going to GDN to collect Alexis’s large drum bag from Euro Despatch and then headed along to the venue for tonight’s show.

Arriving at the venue a little before 6pm, we met up with Pierre (our sound engineer) and set up our equipment on the boat. It was a little strange to begin with, the motion was unusual, but we’re not at sea so it’s not so bad.

AlexisSs - Sound Check @ La Dame de Canton

AlexisSs – Sound Check @ La Dame de Canton

For this concert we have been asked to perform two 45-minute sets, starting at 9pm, so after sound-check we had something to eat and then a nice walk along the seine before show time. We had a great night and the sound on stage was excellent. Afterwards we met a lovely couple, who were incredibly positive about our music and even got us to sign their CDs. La Dame de Canton is a very cool venue; we got to watch the sun set over the Seine as we played – that’s pretty special!

Homeward bound and our minds wander to the next two shows we have in Paris – playing with our new favourite band, AsOne. Tomorrow evening the show is at AbracadaBar (a concert venue in the 19th Arr. – an area of Paris we know very well) and then on Saturday evening we will be in one of Paris’s best know music areas, with a show at Au Chat Noir.

Summer Tour 2014: Gig 6 Friday 26th July @ Abracadabar (Paris)

  1. bejsart says:

    Good to read about the 2014 tour. Sorry we missed you when you were near us. Hope to catch up with you at powerlunch ?

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