101: A star will be missing tonight.

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was great in so many ways.

Alexis & I played a guitar vocal set at our favourite record shop in Edinburgh (Elvis Shakespeare) to not only kick start the LeithLate16 festival but also the 5th annual summer tour. Leith really is an exciting and vibrant place, not dissimilar to Hackney in London or Pigale in Paris (a bit rough around the edges, trying really hard not to become a designated ‘gentrification zone’, full of wonderful people and magical moments (if you know where to look).

Yesterday was no so great in so many ways.
Yesterday was the day the UK voted in an EU Referendum.
Scotland voted to REMAIN.
Northern Ireland voted to REMAIN.
The rest of the UK voted to LEAVE.
Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will soon be triggered.
This is not what democracy looks like.

As I write this I’m on a train back to Edinburgh from Newcastle.

It’s 3pm and already the calls for #IndyRef2 have begun and the campaign ‘facts’ from the EU Ref have started to be retracted;  an extra £350 million a week to spend on the NHS across the UK – not going to happen (we all knew was nonsense anyway) and immediate post-referendum negotiations – not going to happen (Dave just resigned and is handing that poison challace over, with a line that went something like “there’s no rush”)… I’m sure this list will continue to grow ver the coming days and weeks.

* published 1 month before the vote (23rd May 2016) this is interesting and worth a read
Research and analysis
HM Treasury analysis: the immediate economic impact of leaving the EU

A group of elderly ladies are discussing the situation, joking that if the price of Prosecco was lower it might have been worth sticking with the EU… I’m trying not to laugh / cry.

This trip is usually one of life’s little pleasures for me; the view from the train window is beautiful and the people are lovely. Today however, I feel that the love in my heart for the North East of England is gone.

Newcastle was the only area in the NE to support Remain, and that was by the narrow margin of 1%.
This makes me sad.

My love for ‘Great’ Britain was perhaps never the strongest – I’ve always felt like a Scottish European, never ‘British’ – but I have always been fond of the Geordies having spent a lot of time in their great city during the early 2000’s when my best friend relocated there for Uni. I have no idea what has happened over the last 15 years to change this country so much.

I’m confused.
I feel ashamed that we have failed to convince the majority of the ‘great’ British public that we are but a small and very insignificant country that will now have to work beyond its means to not fall into economic obscurity.
I feel sad that we will no longer be standing shoulder to shoulder with our European allies and I worry what will become of our national security. It seems likely that the world will become a very lonely place for the UK over the coming years, as we struggle to come to terms with what this momentous decision means for workers and women, the children and the disabled, education and the NHS.
I feel deeply sorry that a right-winged fear campaign has won yet another victory in the country.
I genuinely believe in human kind and our ability to over-come adversity.
I feel an intensive song-writing session coming on.

Stay calm people and love one another.

Keep on keeping on.







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