113: 5 months of “falling apart”

Posted: January 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s been 5 months since we released NFA and lots has happened.

5th August 2016  
Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh supporting The Kut.
On a rare 2-band night at one of our favourite Edinburgh venues, Alexis & I were very happy to have our guitarist back on stage beside us after 3 weeks on the road as a duo.

We had a few sound check issues (Phil and his pedals) but once resolved we played a thumping set of our heaviest tunes and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. As always ‘Listen To Me’ went down really well and ‘Farewells’ with it’s weird swagger also got the audience pulling some shapes.

Bannerman’s has a reputation as a ‘rock’ venue and tonight’s headliners fitted the bill perfectly. Arriving in Edinburgh in the middle of their epic UK tour, The Kut delivered a storming set. Unsuspecting Fringe go-ers who found themselves in this cavernous bar, danced in front of the stage alongside local music fans and a great time was had by all.

We need to say a huge thanks to all the staff at Bannerman’s for their support this year – a cracking wee venue in the heart Edinburgh and we’re always happy to play.

21st August 2016
Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh alongside Guerraz and Fitzroy Soul
A night of reunions for Sacre Noir – playing alongside Fitzroy Soul for the first time in many years and with our good friend Thomas’s new band Guerraz. We kicked off the night in style with a rocking set – having Nora do our live sound makes a big difference as she knows our songs very well from working on the mixing of the latest album with us. The Soul then take to the stage for their first show in over a year – combing blues and soulful sounds, they were sounding great and certainly haven’t forgotten how to work on the audience

Finally it was the turn of the visitors – Ben set up his bike-drum-kit-combo and Thomas tuned up his guitar and set up a couple of peddles, then they were off. A non-stop set of jazz-prog-style instrumental niceness which was only slightly interrupted by the need for a change of guitar (broken strings – moment saved by Derek from FS). Visually and musically arresting, it was certainly a pleasure to share the night with this fantastic new band.

30th August 2016
New live video released from the Sacre Noir gig in May 2016 at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele.

The track is Heartache from the 3rd LP – Nothing Falls Apart and the video was filmed by Jonny Luckett /edited by Sacre Noir.

September 2016 was a busy old month…

4th September 2016
New live video released from the Sacre Noir gig in May 2016 at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele.

The track is Fading from the 3rd LP – Nothing Falls Apart and the video was filmed by Jonny Luckett / edited by Sacre Noir.

5th September 2016
The Electric Circus, Edinburgh supporting Lovestarrs with BooHooHoo
The first Monday after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival may not be an ideal date for a gig, but I adore the Lovestarrs, so when we were offered the support for this show I just couldn’t say no.

We played a laidback duo set, which seemed to go down pretty well with the audience, caught up with some friends including the fantastically talented Steven Griffin from our music videos ‘It’s Too Late Now’ and ‘Listen To Me’ and enjoyed some fantastic live electronica.

Glasgow based BooHooHoo were a band I hadn’t even heard of until we got this gig, but I certainly wont forget them anytime soon.

Lovely 3-part harmonies and electronic pop hooks – BooHooHoo are friends of the Last Night From Glasgow label (alongside another of my favourtie acts right now, Emme Woods) they have some pretty exciting things coming up in the near future and I’m sure they are going be the band everyone is talking about next year.

Finally it was time for the night’s headline act, Lovestarrs. They were unbelievably good! I mean seriously tight and well-crafted tracks, delivered like pros. The stage at Electric Circus was clearly not big enough front-woman Sarah, as on more than one occasion she was in the crowd, singing and dancing with the fans.
Track of the night for me was ‘Frank Sinatra’

9th September 2016
Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh

Alexis & I played an acoustic duo set at a really cool Live music, jam-session event, set up by Werd SOS which also featured Kirsty Heggie and Garry Anthony Fraser.

11th September 2016
The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh supporting Splintered Halo with As I Was Haunted
Splintered Halo are a Glasgow based five-piece character metal band fronted by one of the most energetic and captivating vocalists I’ve ever seen. 

22nd September 2016
A new review from is this music? of the third and final LP from Sacre Noir – Nothing Falls Apart was published in various printed and online press.
The third and final part of not only a trilogy, but their career, sees the Edinburgh-based outfit in defiant mood…”
You can read the full review here: http://www.isthismusic.com/sacre-noir-3

15th October 2016
Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh supporting Nieves with Ocvens and Bellarose
For our final gig of the year we played as part of a great night of live music. Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire played host to two Glasgow based bands and two Edinburgh based bands – a really mixed bag of genres, but everyone on the bill had their own distinct sound that somehow worked with the other acts.

November & December have been pretty quiet; we’ve had a couple of band practices (just to keep our hand in), Alexis has been writing new material for the Savage Sound System, Phil is getting ready to be a dad for the first time and I’m getting excited about new remixes we’ve been getting from our friends at Dejine:rec Japan.

What’s coming up in 2017?

Our final music video and a summer tour are first on the ‘to be planned’ list – we’ll keep you posted.

Best wishes for the new year
A, C, P



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