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Pre-Tour shenanigans & excitement

Summer Tour 2014 - Postcard

Summer Tour 2014 – Postcard

As another summer approaches, Sacre Noir returned to the live circuit with a pre-tour show at Edinburgh’s Citrus Club on June 21st. The gig was set up as a birthday celebration, and local acts (favoured by the birthday girl) turned out in force to show some love. Also on the bill was one of my favourite local riot grrrl acts, The Fnords. I have long been a fan of their surf-punk styling’s but it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen them live and their set was, as expected, fierce. A half-hour set peppered with old and new tracks and full of energy. Other acts on the night included birthday girl Pat’s bands P.A.L, Third Bass (whom she didn’t get to play with on the night due to breast feeding responsibilities) and the Incendiary Bats. I hadn’t seen any of these bands before and was super impressed with the line up. P.A.L have a great track called ‘Alex’ – definitely my favourite of theirs from the night and there were some mighty fine guitar and drum skills on show during the Incendiary Bats set (the bass skills on show during this event were of course evident in all bands except Sacre Noir).
We played as a trio & tried out a new original track, currently called ‘Rebels & Loners’ and also our new cover track ‘Open Up’ by Leftfield. The crowd were great! They were really responsive & reacted well to the new additions in our set. It seems like ages since we’ve played live together and it was a great warm up for this summer’s tour.

Next up was a super Sunday practice session at Bainbridge Music on Iona Street. We booked in for a double session; 1st up a trio rehearsal for the shows on July 12th at Corbridge Festival & 17th at Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh, then a duo rehearsal for the first night of the tour at The Roxy 171, Glasgow. 6 hours of rehearsal with a break for lunch at Café Casablanca on Leith Walk and one broken pedal (Phil’s Digitech 2nd edition Whammy – oh no) and I think we’re about ready hit the road.

AlexisSs ready for super Sunday Sacre Noir session

AlexisSs ready for super Sunday Sacre Noir session

We’ve made some changes to the set up and are planning on unveiling a few new songs this summer, so I can’t wait to kick things of on Thursday with the first of two House Cat Promotions shows we have this summer. HCP are a Glasgow based promotions machine that have put together a great line up for us to begin our summer in style.
Sacre Noir @ The Roxy 171, Glasgow

Sacre Noir @ The Roxy 171, Glasgow

Before this however I had a small business trip to Birmingham, where I saw this great advert at the Adidas store:

Adidas store Birmingham

Adidas store Birmingham

Then Alexis & I went to see the marvellous Beth Orton at the O2 Academy in Glasgow. Last year we saw Amanda Palmer play in Edinburgh before we went off on tour & it provided us with an extra kick of inspiration and this year seeing Beth was not dissimilar. She has decided to play just 3 shows in the UK to promote the re-issue of Central Reservation. Both Alexis & I performed tracks from this LP as part of our final year Degree shows, so it was an amazing experience to watch her perform them live. Her band was amazing; Ted Barnes (guitar), Ali Friend (bass), Daisy Palmer (drums), Sam Amidon (violin – Beth’s hubby) and an amazing keyboard player whose name escapes me, but his and his fellow band mates playing was exceptional.

Beth Orton live at the O2 Academy, Glasgow

Beth Orton live at the O2 Academy, Glasgow

I really liked Daisy’s backing vocals and the general calmness that they exuded on stage was stunning. Track of the night, although I enjoyed every minute of their set, was Devil Song. This was that track I included in my degree show and listening to it performed live, really brought back memories of my college days and why I wanted to be a performer back then. On reflection I’m sure my ideals haven’t changed all that much.

Summer Tour 2014: Gig 1 Thursday 3rd July @ The Roxy 171, Glasgow
House Cat Promotions Presents: Sacre Noir//Josephine Sillars//Megan Airlie//Model Jet Pilot (Solo)

Tuesday 16th July 2013: Practice at Bainbridge, Edinburgh
This was our last chance to rehearse sets for the tour before we hit the road. We’d booked 3 hours so plenty of time to run through all the originals plus a bunch of covers we’ve decided to add for the open mic sessions and hostel shows.
We love to practice at Bainbridge on Iona Street – the rooms are always clean and the PA is good. Owners Chris & Angus have always been great at providing support for Sacre Noir, even allowing us to use their other Edinburgh studios to film our 2nd video / single ‘Rue Crimée’.

We chose the track Rue Crimée from the LP Sinking Into Darkness to be the 2nd single/video release, following the sucess of She Can’t Take It.
There will be a trilogy of single/video releases from this LP following a set of characters and peeking into their chaotic world.
The video for Rue Crimée was filmed & edited by Stuart @ Aristotle Events Filming on location in Leith, Edinburgh. Special thanks to Angus & Chris @ Bainbridge Music for the support and use of their Vaults.
Stuart stepped in at the 11th hour to help out and has worked really hard to deliver a fantastic follow up to the first release. The idea with this trilogy is that we’d like to work with 3 different film-makers to complete the project, so that each video will have a similar feel, but different at the same time.
We’ve been really impressed with Stuarts work & I’m sure we’ll work with Aristotle Events Filming again in the future (maybe when we get the next album finished or on a live project…). The track was inspired by the time we’ve spent in Paris and delivers another gritty slice of electronica.

Wednesday 17th July 2013: Amanda Palmer @ HMV Picture House, Edinburgh
It was my birthday a few weeks ago and AlexisSs got me tickets to see one of my favourite artists Amanda Palmer – tonight’s the night!
We arrived at the venue just in time to see über-support act ‘The Horn Dogs’ performing in the crowd. This Edinburgh based collective have been big supporters of Amanda for a long time now and even play on the recording of ‘Leeds United’ from her 2nd solo LP.
[less than six degrees of separation: I once played in a wedding band with drummer Jamie Graham]
Soon after their opening set AlexisSs found a little gift from Amanda – thanks.

I was a huge fan of her band The Dresden Dolls and have seen her perform a few times before, so am really looking forward to the show. Previous gigs have all been high energy and inspirational, filled with emotional highs and lows and tonight was no different.
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra played a mix of tracks from their new LP ‘Theatre Is Evil’, Dolls and AP solo tracks plus a perfect cover in the form of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. We were treated to a ukelele version of a brand new track called “Bigger On The Inside” that left everyone with a tear in their eye. It was truly a great show!
The support acts for the evening were mainly made up of projects from her Grand Theft Orchestra; Jherek Bischoff, Chad Raines (Simple Pleasures) plus a special performance by Brighton based duo, Bitter Ruin – they were great and I’d really like to see their full show at some point in the future. Amanda also had Thor Harris (Swans / Shearwater) on drums for this show which was amazing.

Next gig: Monday 22nd July @ The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London (FREE)