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They say never meet your heroes (or heroines) but in June we did just that and could not have had a better time if we were trying.
Chrysta Bell arrived in Edinburgh for two nights at The Voodoo Rooms as part of her ‘We Dissolve’ tour and Sacre Noir were honoured to be the support act for both shows.


For those who don’t already know Chrysta Bell, let me introduce you to the most enigmatic lady I’ve ever met.
Having spent the last 17 years working closely with David Lynch (a huge inspiration for everything we do with Sacre Noir), Chrysta Bell and her band are now promoting a new LP filled with lo-fi lush soundscapes, polished musicianship and stunning vocals.

“As background atmospheric sounds play through the PA, Bell takes to the stage, tall, elegant and mysterious. Immediately, she holds the attention of the audience. Some singers have excellent technical voices, while some performers have real presence. Bell combines both, in one, gorgeous package.” – Kenny Mathieson @

The Voodoo Rooms is a beautiful venue in the heart of Edinburgh (just off Princes Street), and although we have played in their smaller Speakeasy venue a few times in a previous musical life (Guantanmo Bay band circa 2006), we have never had the pleasure of playing in their main ballroom before.
“Lavishly decorated in blacks, golds and reds, The Voodoo Rooms is making the most of the neo-burlesque and retro chic movements currently in vogue and attracts a young and hip clientele as a result.” – Edinburgh Spotlight (2009-17)

As this was a really important gig for us, our friends and collaborators came out to support.
On both evenings Erin Culley re-created the make-up/styling from our forth-coming video. There are 2 looks in the new video ‘Rebels & Loners’, one pure and the other dark… we went for the striking black scatter eye with long vintage gown and black feather cape.

#SNY was also on hand both evenings to  provide some video / photo / social media support. As always it was a joy working with him (and great to catch up after his recent succesful debut exhibition of portrait photography).
He really a fantastically creative individual, who we are extremely lucky to count amongst our friends and supporters. Responsible for our Listen To Me video & promotional images for 2015, he set up our first ever Sacre Noir Facebook Live videos (some of these may have been about chips… I did say he was ‘individual’ and that’s why we love him!) and too some captured some fab images during both evenings.

We treated these gigs as our own ‘pre-tour warm up’ shows and tried out the new duo set-up (acoustic guitar, loop vocals with the Boss VE-20 and samples / fx from the Korg Kaoss Pad 3+).
You can check out a live video from the set on our YouTube channel.
YouTube_Print Message Here live @ The Voodoo Rooms

The audience on both evenings were very positive and the feedback was lovely. Most common comment was “the electronic stuff was really cool”… so I think we’ll add a few more looped tracks to the set for some of the London & Paris shows.

Chrysta’s set on both evenings was inspirational.
The band are super talented (Jon Sanchez – guitar, Christopher Smart – bass / theremin, Jayson Altman – drums) and apparently just finding their feet with their live show (I’d love to see what their version of perfection is if it’s not the show they gave us in Edinburgh).
We were treated to tracks from both previous LPs written and recorded with David Lynch (This Train & Somewhere In The Nowhere) as well as tracks from her brand new LP (We Dissolve) and even an unreleased track called “Undertow” – think Wicked Game with lush female vocals and a bit of a sultry beat.

The new LP ‘We Dissolve’ has been produced by John Parish who is known for his work with PJ Harvey & features Adrian Utley of Portishead & Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))), so you can see why we were keen to pay attention during these shows; we’re always learning ‘on the job’ and this was a show where I feel I learned a lot!
Stagecraft, live production, style and songwriting, set delivery and so much more; it really was a masterclass as far as I’m concerned & I feel honoured to have been part of these very special nights.
I think one of my favourite tracks was “Monday”: here’s a link to her playing it live exactly 1 month after her 2nd night at The Voodoo Rooms.

These will be nights that will live long in our memories – #catchingthebigfish

SIDE NOTE: Chrysta Bell’s website is beautiful and well worth checking out

Sacre Noir & Chrysta Bell



Thursday 9th 2012
Gig 1 in Berlin – Goldman’s Bar
Arrived in Berlin HBF at 8.30am headed straight for coffees and then off to Goldman’s Bar to drop off the guitar and noise making machines for tonight’s show. Feeling pretty tired, the economy of seats on the sleeper train is starting to seem like a bad move.

Alexis @ Berlin HBF "fresh" from the sleeper train

Alexis @ Berlin HBF “fresh” from the sleeper train

After a little reminder of how the Berlin S-Bahn/ U-Bahn system works we made it to Goldman’s and the place hasn’t changed much since we last played in December 2011.
Lunched at Fam.Dang’s – a great Vietnamese restaurant just a stone’s throw from tonight’s venue. Headed to the hotel in Lichtenberg (on the East side of Berlin) for reinvigorating showers and a quick change. Take the U-Bahn back to Goldman’s to sound-check with Andrew – he’s sorted out a projection from the video as our backdrop for tonight. It look’s great and it’s nice to see Emma looking over us as we perform.
Sacre Noir live at Goldman's Bar with projection from She Can't Take It video

Sacre Noir live at Goldman’s Bar with projection from She Can’t Take It video

We played a great couple of sets – it’s always party night in Goldman’s and the beers were in full flow as usual. Highlights of the set included our guitar / vocal version of Outgunned which had the back bar singing along to the chorus. Big thanks to Andrew for having us on as always. Just managed to get the last U-Bahn back to the hotel to wind down and snooze.

Friday 10th 2012
Day off in Berlin.

Alexis on Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin

Alexis on Karl-Marx-Allee, Berlin

After a much needed lie-in we started the day with breakfast at Coffee Fellows, just off Frankfurter Allee. They give you huge cups of coffee and have pretty fine donuts too.
Donut @ Coffee Fellows, Berlin

Donut @ Coffee Fellows, Berlin

In the morning we headed off to Friedrichshain to find Madame Claude’s, which is the next venue where we are playing and decided to go via the East Side Gallery. This is part of the old wall, which has been left as a gallery space and runs along side the Spree. There was some pretty amazing work on show, from all over the world. After a few wrong turns, the discover of some super-cool ‘Berliner’ style shops and a Record shop that resembled my own collection, we did indeed find Madame Claude’s. It was nice to find the venue had done some promotion for the show and although the club was currently closed and we couldn’t properly check it out, it was good to have a better grip on our bearings.
August Listings at Madame Claude's, Berlin

August Listings at Madame Claude’s, Berlin

Friedrichshain turned out to be a really nice area. We discovered a little park (Gorlitzer), which had a petting zoo and a nice little bar/café, plus loads of lovely shops and restaurants in the area too. We decided to have tea at Aman’s (tasty Indian cuisine) and then head back to the hotel for a quiet night & a movie.
Cool shop window in Friedrichshain, Berlin

Cool shop window in Friedrichshain, Berlin