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Friday 7th July 2017: Gig 1: Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh
Thursday 12th July 2017: Secret Gig: video preview party, Dunfermline

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Summer has arrived and we have a brand new video to share with you all soon.
We’re all booked up with summer shows in Paris and London, and have even booked in a couple of shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

First show of this year’s summer season was at Sketchy Beats Cafe’s The Hip Hop House; a great run by WERD (SOS) on two levels.
Downstairs there is hip-hop sets and battles whilst upstairs it is live bands & singer-songwriter sessions… we were on upstairs and played a low-key guitar/vocal set featuring a new cover we’ve been working on recently.
It’s always a great night with a wide range of acts, all in support of the community run space in Leith, Edinburgh.
Hayley G (Devils in Skirts) were also playing and they provided the wee PA, mixer, mic stands etc.
We only managed to see a wee bit of their set (as we were both busy the next day with boring work stuff and aimed to catch the last bus home), but they were  sounding tight and as always the crowd were loving their set.

Then after a couple of days sorting out tracks for the aways shows we found time to rehearse with guitarist Phil at ColorSound studios.

Finally, we took a trip over to Dunfermline to have a little preview party / gig for the under 18’s who’ve been involved with the new video.
A good friend and promoter (Cob) helped with the venue, PA / lights etc. and the kids brought friends and family along to check out their work.

5 of our under 18’s are the ASDS senior dance troupe who we filmed for way back at the start of May ’17.
The other two are fantastic young actresses & models who are friends of the SN family.

We had a lovely evening sharing the video as well as some behind the scenes footage and images. We also played a wee live gig for the kids which they seemed to enjoy and think we may have made a few new fans in their parents too.


At the end of May we spent some time finishing the filming for our final music video and we’re having the launch party at Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh on Saturday 22nd July 2017 with very special guests Heart Of Orion (USA) and CaveYear (Edinburgh). `

Sacre Noir / Heart of Orion / CaveYear – Event Link

It has been a wonderful start to 2017 as far as music goes here at SNHQ.

Feb. 2017
VIDEO published on 8 Feb 2017Too Dark to See by Sacre Noir live at Au Chat Noir

March 2017
VIDEO published on 1 Mar 2017 – Untitled by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko with Sacre Noir live at Au Chat Noir

Released March 31, 2017
1st EP of remixes by & corner of alternating (dejine:rec), UVBeatz and D.Soul the Soulsamurai.

All tracks copyright sacre noir / savage recordings 2017.
All original versions of tracks available on the Sacre Noir LP Nothing Falls Apart (Savage Recordings / 2016).

April 2017
Phil became a dad! Abigail arrived in April and mum, dad and baby are doing well!
All out love to the family Lock

VIDEO published on 27 Apr 2017 – Ovejas Eléctricas – Sin Título

Gig on 29th April at Henry’s Cellar Bar supporting Vinna Bee alongside CC Bloom presented by Mellow Promotions.

May 2017
VIDEO published on 21 May 2017Sacre Noir ‘A Rhythm Between Work & Sleep’ music video / behind the scenes

May 28th – filming of Rebels & Loners video @ The Wee Theatre, Edinburgh.
Special thanks to:
Stylist Erin Culley & Lorraine C for make-up assistance.
Our acting team Emma & Niamh, Lyndsey & Aimie – you all did an amazing job!
The team at ASDS (Lauren B – choreography, Callum F – admin, Gavin – general support and the senior dance troupe Sarah M, Sarah P, Kenzie, Francesca & Dana)
Release date is set for 22nd July at Bannerman’s bar, Edinburgh – details on the Facebook page.

Released May 31st, 2017
A second EP of remixes by HYS, sonarr and Sonic (all dejine-rec) plus the Savage Sound System.

All tracks copyright sacre noir / savage recordings 2017.
All original versions of tracks available on the Sacre Noir LP Nothing Falls Apart (Savage Recordings / 2016).


Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
Sunday 7th September – Your Next Favourite Band

End of Festival fireworks 2014

End of Festival fireworks 2014

The Fringe Festival has ended and life in Edinburgh returns to normal…
It was lovely to be back in Henry’s Cellar Bar; we’ve not played a show there for over 6 months & we do love the venue. We were invited to play as the guest band at one of their ‘Your Next Favourite Band’ nights and we definitely picked a cracker. The deal is that new bands compete for your vote by putting on their best 30-minute showcase. Entry is free and you get two votes just for turning up. Every time you buy a drink you get another vote. The two acts with the most votes on the night go through to the grand final, where they play again for the chance to win £250. Our job on the night was to perform during the vote count and finish the evening in style after the winners are announced.

Henry's Cellar Bar

Henry’s Cellar Bar

First up was a young duo from Livingstone called ‘Premeditated’. The set was based firmly in the ‘indie rock’ roots of song writing, and with a few more live shows under their belt (and maybe a bass player) I’m sure they’ll build themselves a good following.



Next we were treated to local experimental rock act ‘Eat Meater’. Their line-up included drums, bass, guitar, vocals and violin so they certainly provided a change in direction from the first act. With two ex-Academy of Music & Sound students in this band I was expecting good things…. They got through to the final.

Eat Meater

Eat Meater

The final act of the evening competing for votes was female rap artist Haylee G with her band ‘Hayznjayz n this n that’ who were formed on the day of the heat. Hayley’s band split up just a week before this showcase, so she got together with friends who (without rehearsal) provided live drums and extra backing vocals for her set… They got through to the final.

Haylee G & friends

Haylee G & friends

All in all it was a good night – there was the obvious air of ‘the more friends you bring to support you the more chance there is of you winning’ but there were also people in the audience who were clearly in just to see some live music, so the vibe was really friendly. Our sound engineer for the evening was the marvellous Nora and the host was Wallet, so we were in good hands.
The final is September the 28th and I can’t wait to see the rest of the acts and find out who will be THE next favourite band.

We’ll be back at Henry’s Cellar Bar before then though. On September 18th we will be performing as part of the Referendum Meltdown party, alongside some of our favourite Edinburgh bands including P.A.L, Bat-Bike and The Incendiary Bats. After the day’s historic events, our vote on Scottish Independence, before the results are counted and verified, we shall be partying like it’s 1997 (devolution)… fingers crossed for new brighter future whatever the outcome.

Referendum Meltdown Party - Thursday 18th September 2014

Referendum Meltdown Party – Thursday 18th September 2014

Everyone is welcome so come on down and join us for the biggest night of the year!