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The last 2 Sacre Noir live shows were a joy to take part in; firstly showing off our stripped-back duo set at The Monarch Bar in Dunfermline then ripping it up at The Safari Lounge in Edinburgh with a full-on electro/rock showcase which featured Phil on guitar.
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We’ve had a blast over the years playing with many wonderful live musicians in many wonderful venues across the UK & Europe and these are experiences we’ll never forget.
From our first live performance at Tam Dean Burn’s Politikal Manifesto night back in 2008 at the beautiful Tron Theatre in Glasgow to supporting Chrysta Bell this summer at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms and all the other crazy shows in Paris, Berlin, London, Liverpool, Gateshead, Glasgow and many more locations… it’s all been amazing!

The 2017 tour video will be online soon but in the meantime you can look back at all our other adventures via this playlist on YouTube.

One of the highlights of this year’s tour was playing in Paris – you can now watch our 2017 arrangement of Everything We’re Running Away From (Sinking Into Darkness 2012 – Savage Recordings) live at La Cave Cafe in Montmartre, on our YouTube channel.
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Another Paris highlight was being able to perform something from our E.P. with Canadian artist D.Soul the Soulsamurai (our good friend and label buddy at Dejine:Rec). We’ve had some amazing feedback from this release and it’s something that both Alexis & I were super keen to make happen during our final year writing and recording as Sacre Noir. So when we were invited to be the featured artist at Paris Lit Up at Culture Rapide, we decided it would be a perfect opportunity to arrange a performance of ‘Stories Begin‘ from Scattershot.
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We’ve got a lot to thank the good folks at Dejine:Rec for – they really believed in us at the very start of our journey and it was a privilege to have our music featured alongside some of our favourite music makers (James P. Honey, Asthmatic Astronaut and Marco Donnarumma to name just a few).

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Over the next few months we’ll have some more videos from this year’s tour, some behind the scenes from our final video shoot (Rebels & Loners – Nothing Falls Apart 2016 – Savage Recordings) and a few other surprises… keep an eye out for new posts on our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.


“All farewells should be sudden, when forever.”
―Lord Byron

Sacre Noir

Sacre Noir

Friday 4th July
Started the day feeling very tired after not getting back from our Glasgow gig the previous night til it was actually this morning. After a little work, lunch at Lebowski’s on Morrison Street and an afternoon nap I started to feel a little human again. We watched through the previous nights gig footage and decided on a few tweaks to the track list for the ‘duo chilled sets’ and also a little mixing / balance work on a couple of the newer additions to the set, but overall it seemed to go fairly well.

Saturday 5th July
We spent the day re-ordering set lists, practicing the guitar vocal sets and packaging up the physical promo packs, sending out the digital promo packs made for my first Saturday off in over 3 months, a pretty busy day.

Sunday 6th July
Having finally decided on the set lists for all the remaining shows of the tour we pack up the gear and head off to have a practice at a little place we use on Jane Street.

AlexisSs - Sacre Noir rehearsal @ Jane Street

AlexisSs – Sacre Noir rehearsal @ Jane Street

Monday 7th July – Wednesday 9th July
Work stuff: trying to wrap up the loose ends before we hit the road
Tour stuff: finalised some extra dates for the summer including an in-store performance at Elvis Shakespeare during the Edinburgh Fringe (22/8/14) and the video launch party for “It’s Too Late Now” (28/8/14)… more information coming soon.

Phil - still shot from "It's Too Late Now" music video

Phil – still shot from “It’s Too Late Now” music video

Thursday 10th July
Wedding Anniversary: Alexis & Carrie got married 4 years ago and celebrated with lunch at our favourite Vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh.

A&C: Anniversary kiss

A&C: Anniversary kiss

Friday 11th July
Duo rehearsal at Bainbridge Music (Iona Street) arranging sets for our shows in Paris & London. We spent a lot of time running through the live loop tracks & the older songs we’ve re-introduced to the sets for these shows. It’s nice to have a lot of original material to choose from so we can really prepare sets that show off the range of writing styles we cover.

AlexisSs – Sacre Noir rehearsal @ Iona Street

AlexisSs – Sacre Noir rehearsal @ Iona Street

This evening we packed up in preparation for tomorrows show at The Corbridge Festival; Gear, Stage Clothes, Tent & Sleeping Bags, Food, Drink and a bunch of other stuff – can’t wait! So many great bands on during the day and it’s our first gig in the North East of England, so hoping to make some new fans.
Corbridge Festival 2014

Corbridge Festival 2014

Corbridge info

Corbridge info