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Once again, it’s taken far too long to bring you my new finds! I firstly started listening further to the artists from decorative stamp (London-based collective/label). I love Mesparrow & have been getting more into James P Honey and James Reindeer, so thought I’d check out some more acts…
First thing I discovered was an interview with San Fransisco based Edison which had a link to this video:

I was completely blown away with the skill & creativity of this guy… so after a few weeks watching in awe, out comes another great video:

I think it’s more than programming and button pushing, it’s genuinely clever stuff! He has all his sounds planned out on the Monome and then he arranges them live. No looping or re-takes, it’s all live. I’ve watched quite a few of his videos now & even the very early stuff is great.
You can purchase some of these fine tracks @
(to be honest I think the magic is in watching the videos)
And you can check out some of the other great Decorative Stamp artists @

Next, I thought I’d look into female MCs and stumbled across Yarah Bravo. She has amazing connections and collaborations under her belt (One Self, DJ Vadim etc), so I can’t believe I’m just discovering her. I started off by watching some collbs and the pick of the bunch for me is:

She also has great solo stuff! The debut album is called ‘Good Girls Rarely Make History’
which she self-released in 2008 and it’s a fabulous blend of spoken word / beat poetry / hip-hop. With a strong political background, her lyrics reflect both her anger at global leaders (and their actions) as well as her call to all for peace. Check her out @

And last but not least for this blog…
I’ve decided recently to pay a bit more attention to the Sacre Noir ReverbNation account. I’ve almost given up on MySpace (Greco-Roman is keeping me there) and have never really spent much time on RN – but my goodness there is a an amazing amount undiscovered talent out there on the world-wide web and it’s taking up loads of time at the moment, listening to artists that are brand new to me. In future blogs I’m sure I’ll get round to telling you all about some others but for now I’d like to introduce you to A.S. Swanski. Born in The Netherlands & based in Sweden, A.S Swanski has recently released the album ‘Electro Noir’.
“Blending elements of electronic music, industrial, trip hop, post-punk and krautrock, the album presents 10 sonic adventures that are trippy, groovy and scary.”
This was the quote that drew me into his ReverbNation page & the music does not disappoint.
I was immediately reminded of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the works of electronic goddess Delia Derbyshire (famous for the Doctor Who theme).
He has recently released a new video for ‘Moscow Hearts’ which features additional vocals by Russian singer La Gouzel, belly dancing scenes (shot at a Russian wedding party) and is based on a crime novel about human trafficking.

Like most of the tracks on the album, this track has a seedy darkness hidden amongst the simple lines and haunting piano melody that takes you on a little journey.
For more information and a FREE download of this great track visit: