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Gig 14 – Sunday 1st September 2013 @ Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
The end is neigh and the final show of this year’s summer tour looms large!
A last minute line-up change is called for after Lewis Gibson goes on a last minute holiday… to the rescue are a drum student, a local guitar legend and a couple of festival performers all brought together by the one and only Ewan Gibson. Naming themselves after a poetry meet The Soul Cypher featuring Mekkah & Twenty20 had a practice in the afternoon before the show and delivered a pretty convincing set (I’d love to have seen them if they were a full-time collective). Along with their sense of adventure the two American MCs also brought a touch of musical magic to the start of this event as everything was so relaxed and in the spirit of making good music and enjoying sharing the results.

The Soul Cypher live at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

The Soul Cypher live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

We get ourselves set-up on the familiar stage of Henry’s and launch into our forty-minute set of dark electronica. The sound is tight and loud and we are pleased to hear that we’ve ‘awakened the goth’ in one enthusiastic fan in particular. It’s a good crowd that includes some familiar faces who are here to support our last show of the tour and check out The Penny Black Remedy. We’re really pleased with the response and happy to have played 14 great gigs stretching back to the first night of the tour back in July.
Sacre Noir live at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh - Photo by Flare Photography

Sacre Noir live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh – Photo by Flare Photography

By the time The Penny Black Remedy took to the stage everyone in the venue was ready for their unique brand of musical mayhem, and once again the group didn’t disappoint. As with their show in Glasgow they mixed tracks from their debut LP with tracks from their latest release ‘Inhale… Exhale… Ok, Now You Can Panic!’ to great effect and had the crowd dancing and whooping for Keith’s guitar solos.
The Penny Black Remedy live at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

The Penny Black Remedy live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Looking back it’s been an amazing month and a half of gigs and travelling, playing to the new audiences and hanging out in some great cities. Big thanks are due to all the venues and promoters who have helped along the way; The Banshee Labyrinth, Box, The Vibe Bar, The Arc, Power’s Bar, The Dublin Castle, Belushi’s Gare du Nord and Canal Paris, Le Vieux Leon, Soupanova, Little Stage, Pfefferbett Hostel, Pivo Pivo, Henry’s Cellar Bar, Craig McGee, Plugged In Switched On, Bearsuit Promotions, Ben & Lio @ Belushi’s, Selina @ Soupanova, Alex @ Little Stage, Charlotte @ Pfefferbett, It’s a XXXX Blog Thing and Claire @ Henry’s. Big thanks are also due to all the fine bands we played with along the way; Llennett, Hot Jupiter, Little Love and the Friendly Vibes, Tom Coyne, Sir Spence, The Joy, George Frakes, Andy Docherty and The Caped Crusaders, Dressmaker, The Ocean’s Above, Mickey 9s, The Soul Cypher featuring Mekkah and Twenty20 and The Penny Black Remedy.
You can check out a video below which features footage from the gigs, interviews during the tour and more – a great snapshot into the touring life with Sacre Noir.

Thursday 25th July 2013
Gig 4 – The Arc Angel, London

An interesting morning… we’ve had to alter our set for Friday’s gig (now possibly playing for an hour instead of just 40 minutes), and also get some shopping in and eat and relax etc. – really is a hard life on the road. We were also lucky enough to get a shot of our ‘flatmate’ in London Martin’s guitar to run through a few tracks in preparation.
So once we’d extended our set it was time to think about tracks for tonight’s 20-minute slot at The Arc Angel in Islington. This is another night run by Iain at Plugged In Switched On so we were pretty relaxed about tonight and decided to head along for 7pm to set up but just get a line check before we play. With over 10 acts on the bill it seemed to be the best way forward.
To kick-start things the host Iain played a cool version of the Groovejet hit ‘If This Ain’t Love’ which got everyone in the mood. Next up was an act we’d seen perform at The Vibe Bar on Monday night, Jay Hoffman and he was followed by singer / songwriter Phil Crosby. The act I enjoyed most was up next – two guys called Billy & Chris with pretty guitars and lovely harmonies playing a mixture of covers and originals.

Billy & Chris

Billy & Chris

There was a really good vibe in the bar so we decided to alter our set on the fly and play our cover of ‘Time’ by Chase & Status to keep the party atmosphere going.

As always it went down a treat; such a great track & everyone enjoyed our version.

The featured act of the night was a band called ‘The Joy’ who played a great set of original material with an indie-pop vibe reminiscent of Teenage Fanclub or The Pixies. After they played the night was finished off by a couple of singers and MCs with a mellow hip-hop vibe.
Big thanks to our good friend Ines who came down with the friend Marie to catch up and check out our set – always a pleasure to see a familiar face or two while we’re away on tour.
Photo of Sacre Noir by Ines

Back home via the Northern and Central line tube, plus the late bus from Ealing Broadway – really looking forward to playing again tomorrow night.

Next gig: Friday 26th July @ Power’s Bar, Kilburn, London (£3.00 after 9pm)

Monday 22nd July 2013
Gig 3 – The Vibe Bar, London

We had a nice lazy morning in Ealing shopping on the Broadway, I got new trainers and we managed to pick up some soya yoghurts and a few other essentials for the house, before heading back to have lunch.
It really does make a difference having a proper kitchen and place to stay when we’re away from home. Eating out all the time is fun but can get a little pricey!

It’s another scorcher of a day in London (33.5 degrees – the hottest day of the year) and there is a lot of excitement around the arrival of the new Royal baby. When we leave for sound-check the tube is like an oven – everyone is melting, but still seem to be in high spirits. We arrive at The Vibe Bar for 6pm as arranged, set up and after a few minor technical problems have a run though the new track ‘Heartache’ to make sure everything is working etc.

Iain the promoter / engineer has always been a great supporter of Sacre Noir (he gave us our first every London gig) and does a great job at hosting the ‘Plugged In Switched On’ events. It seems to be a pretty successful format (approx 6 weeks waiting to get a slot at the moment) and he always manages to put on some very talented folk.
The highlight of tonight’s line up was London based singer / songwriter ‘Sir Spence’ – really soulful voice and despite this only being his 5th gig as a performer (he done a bit of writing in the past) he delivered a really tight set. My favourite track from his set was one called ‘Papers’ – his newest and for me the most memorable of the night.
Also on the same bill was a lovely singer from Australia who played some nice covers… she had a fab voice (angelic / country) and some pretty cool guitar playing skills too, but like every other time we’ve played in London her talent was no surprise to me. Almost every act (unsigned) we’ve seen play in London is very, very talented and really seem to know what they are all about. I guess when there are so many great musicians and writers in one area it attracts others.
We played at around 10pm and the happy Londoners seemed to enjoy the show! We had a couple of technical issues including a problem with Alexis’s click and I’m pretty sure my Mini KP wasn’t really doing it’s thing, but no-one was any the wiser. We started the set with the new single ‘Rue Crimée’ and finished with the first single ‘She Can’t Take It’ – both always go down well and tonight was no different.
There were 9 acts on before us and a couple after, but we had to head back to Liverpool Street to grab the tube, so that was all we saw. It’s really important for us to try and connect with other musicians and music loving punters whilst on tour and so we hate to leave a gig before all the acts have played – however I think 11 acts is a good stint for one evening.

We love the Vibe Bar (it’s had a make-over since we last played) and can’t wait to come back and play again in the future.
By the time we got back to our base in Ealing we were both mega tired and fairly hungry, so had some bread and hummus, a very large glass of Mango juice then off to bed!

Next gig: Thursday 25th July @ The Arc, Angel Islington, London (FREE)
2-4-1 Cocktails on selected cocktails all day on a Thursday

Saturday 20th July 2013: Travel to London
It has been a very busy couple of weeks but at long last we’re on the road again. We spent the morning tidying the flat before heading to Waverley station to get the 2.30pm train to London.

AlexisSs in Edinburgh with the gear

AlexisSs in Edinburgh with the gear

Everything was great – no delays, the quiet coach was quite quiet and there was space in the luggage racks. We arrived at Kings Cross about 7pm and it takes us just over an hour and a half to get to Pitshanger Lane (our home for the next 10 days). Tube / Tube / Bus.
Dropped off our gear and popped out for fish & chips (and Irn Bru for Alexis – he never usually drinks the stuff, but being in England makes it a taste of home). then we had a fairly early night. We’re both super excited to be back in London and can’t wait to get to the first gig on Monday night.

Sunday 21st July 2013: Day off In London
Up early-ish so we headed out to Camden for the shops & markets – so very cool. I’ve decided I want to live here! We spend the morning drinking coffee by the Lock and shopping, before we have lunch on Chalk Farm Road @ My Village Café Bar. It was really great! Fab service, fab food and amazing fruit juice drinks.

We spent the afternoon in the Shoreditch area. More shopping, a trip to Spittalfields City Farm, a stop off at Rough Trade East to put up some tour flyers before heading back to Ealing for the evening.

Next gig: Monday 22nd July @ The Vibe Bar, Brick Lane, London (FREE)