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Friday 26th July 2013
Gig 5 – Power’s Bar, London

Feeling a little lazy after last night’s excitement we had a bit of a slow morning, catching up with e-mails and work stuff. I hadn’t realised quite how ‘leafy’ Ealing actually is. Pitshanger Park is huge and seems to go on forever so we had a lovely walk there before heading out to lunch. We ate at ‘Fat Boys’ a nice Thai restaurant on Haven Green, where we had some of the nicest and prettiest drinks we’ve had so far.

Before I go on about what a great night we had at Power’s Bar, here’s little history about tonight’s gig venue, and the man behind it Vince Power.

“A trip to Tennessee and a desire to bring the sound of Nashville to London prompted Power to open the original Mean Fiddler, his country & western club, in 1982, in Harlesden, North West London, establishing it as a key venue for up and coming talent, Irish music, country stars and true music legends.”

Vince (known as the ‘godfather of gigs’) is credited with popularising music festivals in the UK through the rise of Reading, Leeds, The Phoenix, Hop-Farm and numerous other one offs including the first Sex Pistols re-union in Finsbury Park, and until this year was a major stakeholder in Spain’s Benicàssim Festival, which was voted Best Overseas Festival in 2012.
So needless to say we’re feeling very pleased to have secured a gig in this fine gentleman’s venue.

We arrive just before 7pm for sound check and Andy, our sound engineer (more on him shortly) lets us know that a 40 min set will be fine as he’s booked another artist to play and his band will also play a set or two. We set up and run through a couple of tracks from the set whilst Andy does his thing at the sound desk. By the time we’re finished he’s managed to find some extra bass frequencies and everything sounds amazing. We sat outside drinking with Andy chatting about music and enjoying the evening sunshine, whilst we waited for friends and family to arrive… first up was good friends Bob and Lisa who have recently moved down south for work. It was great to have a catch up with such good friends and to see them both so happy. Then Alexis’s cousin Stewart and his wife Jackie arrived – both are on excellent form and ready to see some good live music.
So here’s a short history of our new favourite sound engineer Andy Docherty. Singer/songwriter/muli-instumentalist/band leader & recording artist, Andy was the frontman of the seminal 90’s group ‘N. T’ who signed to Response records on R.C.A. Further spells with Epic resulted in collaborations with ‘The Black Eyed Peas’ & DJ Femi Femme among others. As pioneers of the trip-hop sound we felt really lucky to have someone who really understood our sound at the mixer (and he is Scottish so a nice connection there too).
The first act up was much-touted George Frakes… fresh from gigs with Frank Turner, all the cool music festivals and a show at The Albert Hall, his set was fantastic. When people say “he’s the next big thing in the new wave of British folk” they’re not exaggerating. His guitar playing skills were intricate and technically impressive and his voice was lovely too. He played a mixture of old folk songs and originals and the crowd were certainly impressed.
We played after George and despite the dramatic change of musical stylings the punters in Power’s Bar were not at all phased. The reaction after each song we played was great; including some dancing (of the Kilburn shuffle variety) to ‘Ou Est L’arret Pour Moi?’ and a great end to our set with ‘She Can’t Take It’. Alexis went round with the mailing list after we’d paced up and again the feedback from the crowd was really positive. We seemed to have been termed ‘avant-garde’ and that’s okay with us!

We stayed for a few more drinks and a boogie before heading back for the tube just after midnight. We’d love to have stayed longer and seen more of Andy and his band The Caped Crusaders but the last tube was calling to get us back to Ealing.
All in all a great night & we’ll definitely be keeping in touch with Andy and all at Power’s Bar – can’t wait to come back and play again.

Next gig: Monday 29th July @ The Dublin Castle, Camden, London