They say never meet your heroes (or heroines) but in June we did just that and could not have had a better time if we were trying.
Chrysta Bell arrived in Edinburgh for two nights at The Voodoo Rooms as part of her ‘We Dissolve’ tour and Sacre Noir were honoured to be the support act for both shows.


For those who don’t already know Chrysta Bell, let me introduce you to the most enigmatic lady I’ve ever met.
Having spent the last 17 years working closely with David Lynch (a huge inspiration for everything we do with Sacre Noir), Chrysta Bell and her band are now promoting a new LP filled with lo-fi lush soundscapes, polished musicianship and stunning vocals.

“As background atmospheric sounds play through the PA, Bell takes to the stage, tall, elegant and mysterious. Immediately, she holds the attention of the audience. Some singers have excellent technical voices, while some performers have real presence. Bell combines both, in one, gorgeous package.” – Kenny Mathieson @

The Voodoo Rooms is a beautiful venue in the heart of Edinburgh (just off Princes Street), and although we have played in their smaller Speakeasy venue a few times in a previous musical life (Guantanmo Bay band circa 2006), we have never had the pleasure of playing in their main ballroom before.
“Lavishly decorated in blacks, golds and reds, The Voodoo Rooms is making the most of the neo-burlesque and retro chic movements currently in vogue and attracts a young and hip clientele as a result.” – Edinburgh Spotlight (2009-17)

As this was a really important gig for us, our friends and collaborators came out to support.
On both evenings Erin Culley re-created the make-up/styling from our forth-coming video. There are 2 looks in the new video ‘Rebels & Loners’, one pure and the other dark… we went for the striking black scatter eye with long vintage gown and black feather cape.

#SNY was also on hand both evenings to  provide some video / photo / social media support. As always it was a joy working with him (and great to catch up after his recent succesful debut exhibition of portrait photography).
He really a fantastically creative individual, who we are extremely lucky to count amongst our friends and supporters. Responsible for our Listen To Me video & promotional images for 2015, he set up our first ever Sacre Noir Facebook Live videos (some of these may have been about chips… I did say he was ‘individual’ and that’s why we love him!) and too some captured some fab images during both evenings.

We treated these gigs as our own ‘pre-tour warm up’ shows and tried out the new duo set-up (acoustic guitar, loop vocals with the Boss VE-20 and samples / fx from the Korg Kaoss Pad 3+).
You can check out a live video from the set on our YouTube channel.
YouTube_Print Message Here live @ The Voodoo Rooms

The audience on both evenings were very positive and the feedback was lovely. Most common comment was “the electronic stuff was really cool”… so I think we’ll add a few more looped tracks to the set for some of the London & Paris shows.

Chrysta’s set on both evenings was inspirational.
The band are super talented (Jon Sanchez – guitar, Christopher Smart – bass / theremin, Jayson Altman – drums) and apparently just finding their feet with their live show (I’d love to see what their version of perfection is if it’s not the show they gave us in Edinburgh).
We were treated to tracks from both previous LPs written and recorded with David Lynch (This Train & Somewhere In The Nowhere) as well as tracks from her brand new LP (We Dissolve) and even an unreleased track called “Undertow” – think Wicked Game with lush female vocals and a bit of a sultry beat.

The new LP ‘We Dissolve’ has been produced by John Parish who is known for his work with PJ Harvey & features Adrian Utley of Portishead & Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))), so you can see why we were keen to pay attention during these shows; we’re always learning ‘on the job’ and this was a show where I feel I learned a lot!
Stagecraft, live production, style and songwriting, set delivery and so much more; it really was a masterclass as far as I’m concerned & I feel honoured to have been part of these very special nights.
I think one of my favourite tracks was “Monday”: here’s a link to her playing it live exactly 1 month after her 2nd night at The Voodoo Rooms.

These will be nights that will live long in our memories – #catchingthebigfish

SIDE NOTE: Chrysta Bell’s website is beautiful and well worth checking out

Sacre Noir & Chrysta Bell




It has been a wonderful start to 2017 as far as music goes here at SNHQ.

Feb. 2017
VIDEO published on 8 Feb 2017Too Dark to See by Sacre Noir live at Au Chat Noir

March 2017
VIDEO published on 1 Mar 2017 – Untitled by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko with Sacre Noir live at Au Chat Noir

Released March 31, 2017
1st EP of remixes by & corner of alternating (dejine:rec), UVBeatz and D.Soul the Soulsamurai.

All tracks copyright sacre noir / savage recordings 2017.
All original versions of tracks available on the Sacre Noir LP Nothing Falls Apart (Savage Recordings / 2016).

April 2017
Phil became a dad! Abigail arrived in April and mum, dad and baby are doing well!
All out love to the family Lock

VIDEO published on 27 Apr 2017 – Ovejas Eléctricas – Sin Título

Gig on 29th April at Henry’s Cellar Bar supporting Vinna Bee alongside CC Bloom presented by Mellow Promotions.

May 2017
VIDEO published on 21 May 2017Sacre Noir ‘A Rhythm Between Work & Sleep’ music video / behind the scenes

May 28th – filming of Rebels & Loners video @ The Wee Theatre, Edinburgh.
Special thanks to:
Stylist Erin Culley & Lorraine C for make-up assistance.
Our acting team Emma & Niamh, Lyndsey & Aimie – you all did an amazing job!
The team at ASDS (Lauren B – choreography, Callum F – admin, Gavin – general support and the senior dance troupe Sarah M, Sarah P, Kenzie, Francesca & Dana)
Release date is set for 22nd July at Bannerman’s bar, Edinburgh – details on the Facebook page.

Released May 31st, 2017
A second EP of remixes by HYS, sonarr and Sonic (all dejine-rec) plus the Savage Sound System.

All tracks copyright sacre noir / savage recordings 2017.
All original versions of tracks available on the Sacre Noir LP Nothing Falls Apart (Savage Recordings / 2016).


It’s been 5 months since we released NFA and lots has happened.

5th August 2016  
Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh supporting The Kut.
On a rare 2-band night at one of our favourite Edinburgh venues, Alexis & I were very happy to have our guitarist back on stage beside us after 3 weeks on the road as a duo.

We had a few sound check issues (Phil and his pedals) but once resolved we played a thumping set of our heaviest tunes and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. As always ‘Listen To Me’ went down really well and ‘Farewells’ with it’s weird swagger also got the audience pulling some shapes.

Bannerman’s has a reputation as a ‘rock’ venue and tonight’s headliners fitted the bill perfectly. Arriving in Edinburgh in the middle of their epic UK tour, The Kut delivered a storming set. Unsuspecting Fringe go-ers who found themselves in this cavernous bar, danced in front of the stage alongside local music fans and a great time was had by all.

We need to say a huge thanks to all the staff at Bannerman’s for their support this year – a cracking wee venue in the heart Edinburgh and we’re always happy to play.

21st August 2016
Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh alongside Guerraz and Fitzroy Soul
A night of reunions for Sacre Noir – playing alongside Fitzroy Soul for the first time in many years and with our good friend Thomas’s new band Guerraz. We kicked off the night in style with a rocking set – having Nora do our live sound makes a big difference as she knows our songs very well from working on the mixing of the latest album with us. The Soul then take to the stage for their first show in over a year – combing blues and soulful sounds, they were sounding great and certainly haven’t forgotten how to work on the audience

Finally it was the turn of the visitors – Ben set up his bike-drum-kit-combo and Thomas tuned up his guitar and set up a couple of peddles, then they were off. A non-stop set of jazz-prog-style instrumental niceness which was only slightly interrupted by the need for a change of guitar (broken strings – moment saved by Derek from FS). Visually and musically arresting, it was certainly a pleasure to share the night with this fantastic new band.

30th August 2016
New live video released from the Sacre Noir gig in May 2016 at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele.

The track is Heartache from the 3rd LP – Nothing Falls Apart and the video was filmed by Jonny Luckett /edited by Sacre Noir.

September 2016 was a busy old month…

4th September 2016
New live video released from the Sacre Noir gig in May 2016 at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele.

The track is Fading from the 3rd LP – Nothing Falls Apart and the video was filmed by Jonny Luckett / edited by Sacre Noir.

5th September 2016
The Electric Circus, Edinburgh supporting Lovestarrs with BooHooHoo
The first Monday after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival may not be an ideal date for a gig, but I adore the Lovestarrs, so when we were offered the support for this show I just couldn’t say no.

We played a laidback duo set, which seemed to go down pretty well with the audience, caught up with some friends including the fantastically talented Steven Griffin from our music videos ‘It’s Too Late Now’ and ‘Listen To Me’ and enjoyed some fantastic live electronica.

Glasgow based BooHooHoo were a band I hadn’t even heard of until we got this gig, but I certainly wont forget them anytime soon.

Lovely 3-part harmonies and electronic pop hooks – BooHooHoo are friends of the Last Night From Glasgow label (alongside another of my favourtie acts right now, Emme Woods) they have some pretty exciting things coming up in the near future and I’m sure they are going be the band everyone is talking about next year.

Finally it was time for the night’s headline act, Lovestarrs. They were unbelievably good! I mean seriously tight and well-crafted tracks, delivered like pros. The stage at Electric Circus was clearly not big enough front-woman Sarah, as on more than one occasion she was in the crowd, singing and dancing with the fans.
Track of the night for me was ‘Frank Sinatra’

9th September 2016
Sketchy Beats Cafe, Edinburgh

Alexis & I played an acoustic duo set at a really cool Live music, jam-session event, set up by Werd SOS which also featured Kirsty Heggie and Garry Anthony Fraser.

11th September 2016
The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh supporting Splintered Halo with As I Was Haunted
Splintered Halo are a Glasgow based five-piece character metal band fronted by one of the most energetic and captivating vocalists I’ve ever seen. 

22nd September 2016
A new review from is this music? of the third and final LP from Sacre Noir – Nothing Falls Apart was published in various printed and online press.
The third and final part of not only a trilogy, but their career, sees the Edinburgh-based outfit in defiant mood…”
You can read the full review here:

15th October 2016
Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh supporting Nieves with Ocvens and Bellarose
For our final gig of the year we played as part of a great night of live music. Edinburgh’s Cabaret Voltaire played host to two Glasgow based bands and two Edinburgh based bands – a really mixed bag of genres, but everyone on the bill had their own distinct sound that somehow worked with the other acts.

November & December have been pretty quiet; we’ve had a couple of band practices (just to keep our hand in), Alexis has been writing new material for the Savage Sound System, Phil is getting ready to be a dad for the first time and I’m getting excited about new remixes we’ve been getting from our friends at Dejine:rec Japan.

What’s coming up in 2017?

Our final music video and a summer tour are first on the ‘to be planned’ list – we’ll keep you posted.

Best wishes for the new year
A, C, P


Monday 1st August 2016
Nothing Falls Apart – official release

So it has been 4 yeas since the release of the last Sacre Noir LP ‘Sinking Into Darkness’ and in that time we have written, recorded and thrown away enough material for several new records… always stuff we felt was ‘quite right’ and so here we are 4 years later with what we think is the best Sacre Noir record to date.
This is going to be Sacre Noir’s final album and we’ve decided to do the physical releases as a limited edition wooden USB drive (100 copies). The drive features wave files and mp3s of the album, plus hand written lyric sheets, set list, press releases and photos.
We’ve had the idea for a few years and it’s really exciting to see the final product!
The USB is available online from bandcamp & savage recordings or Elvis Shakespeare in Edinburgh & New Hellfire Club in Glasgow.
It’s also available to download / stream from iTunes, Spotify, Deezer & Bandcamp.
We’re very proud of the outcome & feel each track tells its own story as well as being part of the whole record.
SNNothingFallsApartPressReleasePlease do check it out and let us know what you think.

Here’s the video’s for the tWo singles to come from the LP
From last month ‘A Rhythm Between Work & Sleep’

Inspired by a line in a George Orwell book, this track has had loads of support since it’s release in July 2016 from radio plays and youtube views.
The lyrics were built around this quote and Erin did an amazing hair & make up job within the 1930’s inspiration (very different from her usual work with Sacre Noir). Location is key & our venue, The Biscuit Factory, was a perfect fit for our look and the music.

And from last year ‘Listen To Me’ – filmed by MeltedBeetle

“In the span of just 2 minutes, the group present us with a ridiculously catchy tune with fantastic lyrics and a captivating rhythm that appears to have a subtle touch of old school blues. In addition, Carrie’s harmonies are stunning and the riffs are remarkable, only picking up with every passing moment. Nothing short of excellent.” Small Music Reviews

Friday 29th July 2016
Gig 8: The Monarch Bar, Dunfermline with Acoustic Live

After a lovely relaxing day to celebrate Alexis’s birthday, we woke up early with a spring in our step. It felt just like being on tour with a few delightful exceptions; getting up in our own house, in our own bed & with our own shower and washing machine etc. – living out of a bag for even just 3 weeks makes us realise how readily we take for granted the luxuries of modern living and how lucky we are.

Tonight we have a Sacre Noir first and must say ‘thanks’ to the good folks at Acoustic Live for inviting us to play their monthly event in Dunfermline! We don’t often do acoustic gigs as it doesn’t really reflect ‘Sacre Noir’ or our ‘lo-fi electro’ aspirations, but the organisers of this event are great so we decided to take them up on the offer and arrange some of the songs for a simple guitar / vocal set for our first ever performance in Dunfermline.
Cob & Fiona who run Acoustic Live, have certainly got an ear for talent. First up was Micha Sutherland, a local lass who they discovered at one of the other event nights that they run in Dunfermline and invited her along to perform at this showcase event. Micha, sang a couple of covers (Emilie Sande & Adele) and a couple of her own numbers (one upbeat & one ballad), she has a cracking voice and I think would go down really well in the nightclubs in Edinburgh.
Next up was the mighty talents of Sophie De Rose; at only 15 years old she has her own country-pop style sounds going on and is definitely one to watch out for in the future. She confidently sang and played (guitar) her way through a set of covers that really suited her voice and told you that this young lady had taste beyond her years.
Sacre Noir played next; our debut Dunfermline performance was supported by the local crowd and quite a few members of ASIF (a choir I run in Dunfermline). We owe you all a big ‘thanks’ – the support really was superb and one of the talented choirettes also took some fantastic pics… thanks Sara T.
IMG_7169The tracks seemed to go down well, in a trippy / shoegaze type way and it was a great excuse for us to play a country cover, my favourite track by Patty Griffin ‘You Never Get What You Want’.

The final act of the evening was 3 piece covers band Half Built House.
Playing classics by REM and White Stripes the crowd loved them and it was the perfect way to finish off the event, with people singing along and dancing at their tables.
I can’t recommend these nights highly enough­; a great selection of talent, promoters that really care about live music and a nice wee function room in a local bar.

Saturday 30th July 2016
In preparation for the new LP release Alexis completed the redesign of the savage recordings website & updated the BandCamp page with back catalogue.
It really does take many-a-man-hour to keep that side of stuff running smoothly and Alexis is the man that makes it all happen for Sacre Noir (not just a pretty face and talented drummer, songwriter and producer).

Sunday 31st July 2016
Today is the last Sunday before the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 kicks off.
Went out for coffee at or favourite café, Art & Vintage trying to make the most of having weekends off during the summer holidays.
The circus is in town.
IMG_7195Tomorrow is a big day!
Nothing Falls Apart


Friday 22nd July 2016
We now have a few days off in London before heading back to Scotland and as the weather was still so lovely we decided to make the most of it and went to one of my favourite spaces in the city, Holland Park. We visited he Kyoto garden, spotted one of the peacocks and then went to lunch with Joe (a fantastic family friend who has hosted us on every previous trip to London). We met at Mona Lisa’s on the Kings Road, ate fantastic Italian food, chatted about Brexit and avoided the rain (a quick shower).

Saturday 23rd July 2016
We had the most perfect last day in London imaginable.
Started with a wander around Little Venice before taking a canal cruise to Camden, where we indulged in a fantastic vegan lunch at Mildred, then wandered on to St John’s Wood so I could visit Abbey Road (well the crossing at least) – it was super busy with tourists trying to get family photos of the famous zebra crossing, in front of the studios and even writing on the street signs. It’s the one place in London that I’ve always wanted to go but until now had never found the time. I was a very happy girl to have finally have my own memories of this famous street.
Growing up neither of my parents were huge music fans and it wasn’t until I was much older that I developed my appreciation for British music (my dad had a John Lennon album on tape that I used to play when I was very young, but neither he nor mum tried to get me ‘into’ music).
As a small child I loved anything I could dance to, Culture Club / Boy George & Bonnie Tyler being my favourites. As a young teenager I was more into American based bands like REM, Smashing Pumpkins & my all-time favourite band Nirvana.
However, arriving at Perth College in the late 90’s to study music and being surrounded by musicians and their musical appetite and lecturers who challenged me to broaden my listening repertoire, I realized that I loved all kinds of music, even those genres I’d rejected as a child like Jazz & Country.
I spent a lot of time in that first year at college with folk who loved The Beatles & The Kinks and you can’t really ignore the writing skills and stylistic development of the ‘British Invasion’ and the impact on bands like The Stone Roses and the Brit Pop scene.
In that first year at college I must have listened to the Abbey Road LP at least once a day and fell in love with the lyrics and guitar sounds, with the imagery and production.
It really was a treat to ‘walk the walk’ whilst on tour myself – I’m sure when I was at college I never really thought I’d be living the life I do and I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out.
It’s not all roses, but I’ve always believed that if you really want something and if you work hard to achieve it, then anything is possible.

Sunday 24th July 2016
We were rudely awoken on our last morning.
Firstly, I’d set my alarm for a ridiculous time (forgetting that my iPod was stuck on French time), then the receptionist marched into our room (not realizing it was still occupied).
It’s definitely time to go home.
Coffee. Underground to Kings Cross. More coffee. Train to Scotland.

Someone was pleased to see us again.

Monday 25th July 2016
Back to reality.
Edinburgh seems grey and cold.
The supermarket seemed a bit boring & the lack of local shops to peruse (cheesemonger, patisserie and chocolatier), as in Rue des Pyrenées, was ever so slightly disappointing.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Edinburgh, but after every tour (especially the longer ones like this at 22 days away) the return to ‘normal’ life is difficult.
Why can’t I just stay in ‘tour mode’?

Tuesday 26th July 2016
A brief trip to Glasgow for work & I discovered a new cafe (replacing another cafe under the arches at Central Station).
The train trip from Edinburgh took ages; I’d forgotten about the refurbishment at Queen Street and managed to get on the train that stops at Carluke for 20 minutes.

Wednesday 27th July 2016
Distribution of the new LP ‘Nothing Falls Apart’
Popped into our local record store, Elvis Shakespeare and posted copies over to Glasgow’s New Hellfire Club.
We had a Sacre Noir trio rehearsal at ColorSound Studios, Edinburgh in the evening.

Thursday 28th July 2016 – A Savage Birthday
Coffee at Crumbs, Portobello
Hot Chocolate, Bruntsfield
Food at David Banns, Old Town





Thursday 21st July 2016
Gig 7: The Troubadour, London with Whetherman & Harrison Bond

We had an amazing night playing at the iconic London venue, The Troubadour.
It was everything I love in a music establishment – organised & friendly. It really is an amazing venue and deserves all the plaudits that come it’s way. The staff were warm and welcoming. Our sound engineer (Stacey) was fantastic; here’s a man who knows his stuff (he was great at advising on my set-up and the electronic drum kit balance, suggesting that I tweaked the level of FX to allow more of the lyric to be heard– not something I’ve not heard before, but for some reason his advice sat well with me) and that Alexis tweaked the kick drum volume to provide more of a ‘thump’… no wonder people say it’s the best sounding room in London.
Our support acts for this event were fantastic!

Whetherman (the first act up) is the moniker of 31-year-old folk singer-songwriter Nicholas Williams, who has released six studio albums and 1 live album. His lyrics are poetic, his voice is soulful and he is a thoroughly nice chap.
He explains each song before playing, introducing the audience to his world & process – very insightful and honest which I found endearing.
I especially liked the final song in his set ‘Ghosts in the Water’ a fantastic modern Americana sound. On record it features the beautiful female vocal sounds of Rachel Murray.
Nick had played in Edinburgh last year at Henry’s Cellar Bar & he had nothing but great things to say about his experience there. I thought this was really sweet and felt a little pang of pride that ‘our’ city had shown him such a lovely time during his visit.

Harrison Bond was next up, a 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist from Milton Keynes who wins the prize for ‘best rock ‘n’ roll name of an act we’ve played with this summer’.
His biggest influence is Lana Del Ray and this was evident most in the final song of his set ‘Honey’ (a beautiful modern ballad which showed off his vocals style and delivery perfectly). I really enjoyed his set; regional accent, looped guitar & beats, melancholic lyrics and an almost shy stage presence – he’s definitely one to watch out for in the future.

Finally, it was our turn to delight The Troubadour crowds.
We played a 50-minute chilled trip-hop style set which mainly included material from the new LP, but also covered tracks from Demo Recordings III, Her Volatile Condition & Sinking Into Darkness. The stage sound was great and from the audience reaction it was great out front too. Our bass sounds were phat and the change to my vocal FX were clearly effective (generating a bigger shift between the Mini Kaoss Pad AKG mic and the KP3+ Green Bullet mic – as I said, our sound engineer Stacey clearly knows his stuff).
We were very pleased to have our good friends Keith & Marijana in the audience for this show. It’s been a long time since they have seen us play live and as fellow musicians (The Penny Black Remedy) we were keen to get their thoughts on the new material and LP.
It’s always lovely to have friendly faces in the crowd and there can’t be too many folks that are more friendly than these two. Taking time out of their busy schedules to make time for us was much appreciated and it meant we got to spend some time chatting about their news & the progress of future PBR releases too.