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Monday 1st August 2016
Nothing Falls Apart – official release

So it has been 4 yeas since the release of the last Sacre Noir LP ‘Sinking Into Darkness’ and in that time we have written, recorded and thrown away enough material for several new records… always stuff we felt was ‘quite right’ and so here we are 4 years later with what we think is the best Sacre Noir record to date.
This is going to be Sacre Noir’s final album and we’ve decided to do the physical releases as a limited edition wooden USB drive (100 copies). The drive features wave files and mp3s of the album, plus hand written lyric sheets, set list, press releases and photos.
We’ve had the idea for a few years and it’s really exciting to see the final product!
The USB is available online from bandcamp & savage recordings or Elvis Shakespeare in Edinburgh & New Hellfire Club in Glasgow.
It’s also available to download / stream from iTunes, Spotify, Deezer & Bandcamp.
We’re very proud of the outcome & feel each track tells its own story as well as being part of the whole record.
SNNothingFallsApartPressReleasePlease do check it out and let us know what you think.

Here’s the video’s for the tWo singles to come from the LP
From last month ‘A Rhythm Between Work & Sleep’

Inspired by a line in a George Orwell book, this track has had loads of support since it’s release in July 2016 from radio plays and youtube views.
The lyrics were built around this quote and Erin did an amazing hair & make up job within the 1930’s inspiration (very different from her usual work with Sacre Noir). Location is key & our venue, The Biscuit Factory, was a perfect fit for our look and the music.

And from last year ‘Listen To Me’ – filmed by MeltedBeetle

“In the span of just 2 minutes, the group present us with a ridiculously catchy tune with fantastic lyrics and a captivating rhythm that appears to have a subtle touch of old school blues. In addition, Carrie’s harmonies are stunning and the riffs are remarkable, only picking up with every passing moment. Nothing short of excellent.” Small Music Reviews


LeithLate16 @ Elvis Shakespeare, Edinburgh 
Thursday 23rd June 2016
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 14.30.12

Number 1 happened without too much fuss. It’s a nervous time and I’m not sure what to expect from the results tomorrow, but cast our votes we did & now all we can do is wait & hope for the right result.

Next stop was dropping off posters at The Safari Lounge for the single launch. We also popped downstairs to see the space and tech spec for the show on the 1st… all seems great!
It’s seems a bit unreal that this is the start of our 5th annual summer tour, but really exciting at the same time. This really is the best bit about a musician.

After our Safari Lounge interlude, we headed along to Elvis Shakespeare to set up for the LeithLate16 showcase.
As always Dave & Michael were very welcoming & provided us with everything a band could want; PA, patio (well, chairs on the roadside), advertising (not just social media but also posters on bins – a genuine 1st for Sacre Noir) and drinks (tea, coffee or imitation Stella / Heiniken).
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 14.39.11
The line-up was great and included Stephen McLaren (who we’ve invited to play at the launch party next week), Under the Dogwood Tree (an old friend’s band who we haven’t seen for far too long) and finsihing up with Sam Barber & The Outcasts.
We have so much love & respect for the guys at Elvis Shakespeare; they have always shown great support for local bands and artists and it’s lovely to see them doing well.

Next Gig: Edinburgh 1st July 2016 @ The Safari Lounge