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Friday 29th July 2016
Gig 8: The Monarch Bar, Dunfermline with Acoustic Live

After a lovely relaxing day to celebrate Alexis’s birthday, we woke up early with a spring in our step. It felt just like being on tour with a few delightful exceptions; getting up in our own house, in our own bed & with our own shower and washing machine etc. – living out of a bag for even just 3 weeks makes us realise how readily we take for granted the luxuries of modern living and how lucky we are.

Tonight we have a Sacre Noir first and must say ‘thanks’ to the good folks at Acoustic Live for inviting us to play their monthly event in Dunfermline! We don’t often do acoustic gigs as it doesn’t really reflect ‘Sacre Noir’ or our ‘lo-fi electro’ aspirations, but the organisers of this event are great so we decided to take them up on the offer and arrange some of the songs for a simple guitar / vocal set for our first ever performance in Dunfermline.
Cob & Fiona who run Acoustic Live, have certainly got an ear for talent. First up was Micha Sutherland, a local lass who they discovered at one of the other event nights that they run in Dunfermline and invited her along to perform at this showcase event. Micha, sang a couple of covers (Emilie Sande & Adele) and a couple of her own numbers (one upbeat & one ballad), she has a cracking voice and I think would go down really well in the nightclubs in Edinburgh.
Next up was the mighty talents of Sophie De Rose; at only 15 years old she has her own country-pop style sounds going on and is definitely one to watch out for in the future. She confidently sang and played (guitar) her way through a set of covers that really suited her voice and told you that this young lady had taste beyond her years.
Sacre Noir played next; our debut Dunfermline performance was supported by the local crowd and quite a few members of ASIF (a choir I run in Dunfermline). We owe you all a big ‘thanks’ – the support really was superb and one of the talented choirettes also took some fantastic pics… thanks Sara T.
IMG_7169The tracks seemed to go down well, in a trippy / shoegaze type way and it was a great excuse for us to play a country cover, my favourite track by Patty Griffin ‘You Never Get What You Want’.

The final act of the evening was 3 piece covers band Half Built House.
Playing classics by REM and White Stripes the crowd loved them and it was the perfect way to finish off the event, with people singing along and dancing at their tables.
I can’t recommend these nights highly enough­; a great selection of talent, promoters that really care about live music and a nice wee function room in a local bar.

Saturday 30th July 2016
In preparation for the new LP release Alexis completed the redesign of the savage recordings website & updated the BandCamp page with back catalogue.
It really does take many-a-man-hour to keep that side of stuff running smoothly and Alexis is the man that makes it all happen for Sacre Noir (not just a pretty face and talented drummer, songwriter and producer).

Sunday 31st July 2016
Today is the last Sunday before the Edinburgh Fringe 2016 kicks off.
Went out for coffee at or favourite café, Art & Vintage trying to make the most of having weekends off during the summer holidays.
The circus is in town.
IMG_7195Tomorrow is a big day!
Nothing Falls Apart


LeithLate16 @ Elvis Shakespeare, Edinburgh 
Thursday 23rd June 2016
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 14.30.12

Number 1 happened without too much fuss. It’s a nervous time and I’m not sure what to expect from the results tomorrow, but cast our votes we did & now all we can do is wait & hope for the right result.

Next stop was dropping off posters at The Safari Lounge for the single launch. We also popped downstairs to see the space and tech spec for the show on the 1st… all seems great!
It’s seems a bit unreal that this is the start of our 5th annual summer tour, but really exciting at the same time. This really is the best bit about a musician.

After our Safari Lounge interlude, we headed along to Elvis Shakespeare to set up for the LeithLate16 showcase.
As always Dave & Michael were very welcoming & provided us with everything a band could want; PA, patio (well, chairs on the roadside), advertising (not just social media but also posters on bins – a genuine 1st for Sacre Noir) and drinks (tea, coffee or imitation Stella / Heiniken).
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 14.39.11
The line-up was great and included Stephen McLaren (who we’ve invited to play at the launch party next week), Under the Dogwood Tree (an old friend’s band who we haven’t seen for far too long) and finsihing up with Sam Barber & The Outcasts.
We have so much love & respect for the guys at Elvis Shakespeare; they have always shown great support for local bands and artists and it’s lovely to see them doing well.

Next Gig: Edinburgh 1st July 2016 @ The Safari Lounge