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Thursday 21st July 2016
Gig 7: The Troubadour, London with Whetherman & Harrison Bond

We had an amazing night playing at the iconic London venue, The Troubadour.
It was everything I love in a music establishment – organised & friendly. It really is an amazing venue and deserves all the plaudits that come it’s way. The staff were warm and welcoming. Our sound engineer (Stacey) was fantastic; here’s a man who knows his stuff (he was great at advising on my set-up and the electronic drum kit balance, suggesting that I tweaked the level of FX to allow more of the lyric to be heard– not something I’ve not heard before, but for some reason his advice sat well with me) and that Alexis tweaked the kick drum volume to provide more of a ‘thump’… no wonder people say it’s the best sounding room in London.
Our support acts for this event were fantastic!

Whetherman (the first act up) is the moniker of 31-year-old folk singer-songwriter Nicholas Williams, who has released six studio albums and 1 live album. His lyrics are poetic, his voice is soulful and he is a thoroughly nice chap.
He explains each song before playing, introducing the audience to his world & process – very insightful and honest which I found endearing.
I especially liked the final song in his set ‘Ghosts in the Water’ a fantastic modern Americana sound. On record it features the beautiful female vocal sounds of Rachel Murray.
Nick had played in Edinburgh last year at Henry’s Cellar Bar & he had nothing but great things to say about his experience there. I thought this was really sweet and felt a little pang of pride that ‘our’ city had shown him such a lovely time during his visit.

Harrison Bond was next up, a 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist from Milton Keynes who wins the prize for ‘best rock ‘n’ roll name of an act we’ve played with this summer’.
His biggest influence is Lana Del Ray and this was evident most in the final song of his set ‘Honey’ (a beautiful modern ballad which showed off his vocals style and delivery perfectly). I really enjoyed his set; regional accent, looped guitar & beats, melancholic lyrics and an almost shy stage presence – he’s definitely one to watch out for in the future.

Finally, it was our turn to delight The Troubadour crowds.
We played a 50-minute chilled trip-hop style set which mainly included material from the new LP, but also covered tracks from Demo Recordings III, Her Volatile Condition & Sinking Into Darkness. The stage sound was great and from the audience reaction it was great out front too. Our bass sounds were phat and the change to my vocal FX were clearly effective (generating a bigger shift between the Mini Kaoss Pad AKG mic and the KP3+ Green Bullet mic – as I said, our sound engineer Stacey clearly knows his stuff).
We were very pleased to have our good friends Keith & Marijana in the audience for this show. It’s been a long time since they have seen us play live and as fellow musicians (The Penny Black Remedy) we were keen to get their thoughts on the new material and LP.
It’s always lovely to have friendly faces in the crowd and there can’t be too many folks that are more friendly than these two. Taking time out of their busy schedules to make time for us was much appreciated and it meant we got to spend some time chatting about their news & the progress of future PBR releases too.

Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
Sunday 7th September – Your Next Favourite Band

End of Festival fireworks 2014

End of Festival fireworks 2014

The Fringe Festival has ended and life in Edinburgh returns to normal…
It was lovely to be back in Henry’s Cellar Bar; we’ve not played a show there for over 6 months & we do love the venue. We were invited to play as the guest band at one of their ‘Your Next Favourite Band’ nights and we definitely picked a cracker. The deal is that new bands compete for your vote by putting on their best 30-minute showcase. Entry is free and you get two votes just for turning up. Every time you buy a drink you get another vote. The two acts with the most votes on the night go through to the grand final, where they play again for the chance to win £250. Our job on the night was to perform during the vote count and finish the evening in style after the winners are announced.

Henry's Cellar Bar

Henry’s Cellar Bar

First up was a young duo from Livingstone called ‘Premeditated’. The set was based firmly in the ‘indie rock’ roots of song writing, and with a few more live shows under their belt (and maybe a bass player) I’m sure they’ll build themselves a good following.



Next we were treated to local experimental rock act ‘Eat Meater’. Their line-up included drums, bass, guitar, vocals and violin so they certainly provided a change in direction from the first act. With two ex-Academy of Music & Sound students in this band I was expecting good things…. They got through to the final.

Eat Meater

Eat Meater

The final act of the evening competing for votes was female rap artist Haylee G with her band ‘Hayznjayz n this n that’ who were formed on the day of the heat. Hayley’s band split up just a week before this showcase, so she got together with friends who (without rehearsal) provided live drums and extra backing vocals for her set… They got through to the final.

Haylee G & friends

Haylee G & friends

All in all it was a good night – there was the obvious air of ‘the more friends you bring to support you the more chance there is of you winning’ but there were also people in the audience who were clearly in just to see some live music, so the vibe was really friendly. Our sound engineer for the evening was the marvellous Nora and the host was Wallet, so we were in good hands.
The final is September the 28th and I can’t wait to see the rest of the acts and find out who will be THE next favourite band.

We’ll be back at Henry’s Cellar Bar before then though. On September 18th we will be performing as part of the Referendum Meltdown party, alongside some of our favourite Edinburgh bands including P.A.L, Bat-Bike and The Incendiary Bats. After the day’s historic events, our vote on Scottish Independence, before the results are counted and verified, we shall be partying like it’s 1997 (devolution)… fingers crossed for new brighter future whatever the outcome.

Referendum Meltdown Party - Thursday 18th September 2014

Referendum Meltdown Party – Thursday 18th September 2014

Everyone is welcome so come on down and join us for the biggest night of the year!

Gig 14 – Sunday 1st September 2013 @ Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
The end is neigh and the final show of this year’s summer tour looms large!
A last minute line-up change is called for after Lewis Gibson goes on a last minute holiday… to the rescue are a drum student, a local guitar legend and a couple of festival performers all brought together by the one and only Ewan Gibson. Naming themselves after a poetry meet The Soul Cypher featuring Mekkah & Twenty20 had a practice in the afternoon before the show and delivered a pretty convincing set (I’d love to have seen them if they were a full-time collective). Along with their sense of adventure the two American MCs also brought a touch of musical magic to the start of this event as everything was so relaxed and in the spirit of making good music and enjoying sharing the results.

The Soul Cypher live at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

The Soul Cypher live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

We get ourselves set-up on the familiar stage of Henry’s and launch into our forty-minute set of dark electronica. The sound is tight and loud and we are pleased to hear that we’ve ‘awakened the goth’ in one enthusiastic fan in particular. It’s a good crowd that includes some familiar faces who are here to support our last show of the tour and check out The Penny Black Remedy. We’re really pleased with the response and happy to have played 14 great gigs stretching back to the first night of the tour back in July.
Sacre Noir live at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh - Photo by Flare Photography

Sacre Noir live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh – Photo by Flare Photography

By the time The Penny Black Remedy took to the stage everyone in the venue was ready for their unique brand of musical mayhem, and once again the group didn’t disappoint. As with their show in Glasgow they mixed tracks from their debut LP with tracks from their latest release ‘Inhale… Exhale… Ok, Now You Can Panic!’ to great effect and had the crowd dancing and whooping for Keith’s guitar solos.
The Penny Black Remedy live at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

The Penny Black Remedy live at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Looking back it’s been an amazing month and a half of gigs and travelling, playing to the new audiences and hanging out in some great cities. Big thanks are due to all the venues and promoters who have helped along the way; The Banshee Labyrinth, Box, The Vibe Bar, The Arc, Power’s Bar, The Dublin Castle, Belushi’s Gare du Nord and Canal Paris, Le Vieux Leon, Soupanova, Little Stage, Pfefferbett Hostel, Pivo Pivo, Henry’s Cellar Bar, Craig McGee, Plugged In Switched On, Bearsuit Promotions, Ben & Lio @ Belushi’s, Selina @ Soupanova, Alex @ Little Stage, Charlotte @ Pfefferbett, It’s a XXXX Blog Thing and Claire @ Henry’s. Big thanks are also due to all the fine bands we played with along the way; Llennett, Hot Jupiter, Little Love and the Friendly Vibes, Tom Coyne, Sir Spence, The Joy, George Frakes, Andy Docherty and The Caped Crusaders, Dressmaker, The Ocean’s Above, Mickey 9s, The Soul Cypher featuring Mekkah and Twenty20 and The Penny Black Remedy.
You can check out a video below which features footage from the gigs, interviews during the tour and more – a great snapshot into the touring life with Sacre Noir.

Thursday 8th August 2013 – Day off in Berlin

It’s been go, go, go for over a week now and today we got to have a proper day off; no secret gigs, no travel and no promoters to deal with, so we started the day in a very relaxed fashion, and went out for breakfast at a near-by backwerk (baked goods), this tested my language skills a lot… I think I’m getting the words right, but my pronunciation is clearly very poor as I had to repeat everything to the waitress at least twice before she understood me. This made me realise that the small amount of effort I’ve been putting into learning French recently has really helped (thanks to Lucile for the lessons), and that I’m sure with a similar effort my German could be much better too.
We popped back to the apartment to make use of the washing machine before heading out to do a spot of shopping in one of our favourite areas in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. P’berg is in the borough of Pankow and was once very popular with the bohemian Berlin youth, although we discovered that recently it has become a much more expensive area due to it’s popularity – just like in London it seems that the “money” in this city likes to follow the artist community. A special treat for us was to see the Nick Gregson graffiti that we used for the ‘Sinking Into Darkness’ LP cover whilst in the area – she’s still looking good!

Sacre Noir with Nick Gregson graffiti in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Sacre Noir with Nick Gregson graffiti in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

We had pizza for lunch at a nice little café and wandered down to Alexanderplatz, which was busy with food and drinks stalls, local clothing and entertainment. There are a lot of mainstream shops & department stores in the area so it was really nice to see some local traders here too.
We’d arranged to pop into Pfefferbett to have a chat with the booker for our show tomorrow night and as they had live music on we thought we’d go there next to check it out. All the arrangements are as agreed and our contact at the hostel is super-cool (as the Berliners say), really friendly and welcoming and excited about our show.
Pfefferbett's secret garden, Berlin

Pfefferbett’s secret garden, Berlin

The band playing was called Halfblind Henry & His Instabilities who describe themselves as Americana / Soulblues / Folk ‘n’ Roll, but as it was a stripped back show I’m not sure we got to see the full range of their musical stylings. The vocalist (Halfblind Henry himself) played guitar & sang and his Instabilities provided backing on a range of other instruments; slide guitar, bass, harmonica, percussion, melodica & sax. We stayed to enjoy their first set then caught the U-Bahn over to Kreuzberg to have tea at a great Indian restaurant we’ve eaten at before called Iman’s – the food is excellent & the service is fault-free.
Eating at Iman's in Kreuzberg,

Eating at Iman’s in Kreuzberg,

It started raining at about 10pm so we decided to call it a night and headed home – easier said than done. The first U-Bahn we got on terminated before it’s final destination, so we had to change a couple more times before we were back on track.

Friday 9th August 2013
Gig 12 – Pfefferbett, Berlin (Acoustic show)

This morning I was rudely awoken by the telephone ringing at 8.30am, then the doorbell at 9am, then the neighbours a little later, something was telling me it was time to get up! We went out the Schlossgarten just up the road and had a nice relaxing stroll along the Spree.

Charlottenburg Schlossgarten, Berlin

Charlottenburg Schlossgarten, Berlin

It’s our last ‘away’ gig tonight for this year’s summer tour and it’s an acoustic show so we didn’t have to worry about taking any equipment – just some stock, a mailing list and ourselves. We arrived at Pfefferbett around 6pm and the sun was still shining so a gig in the garden it is!
Chalkboard at Pfefferbett, Berlin

Chalkboard at Pfefferbett, Berlin

The guitar choices are classical or classical so the sound is very quiet, but the crowd that start to gather on the terrace are very attentive and seem to really enjoy our set. We played for just over an hour and then ate at the venue (Currywurst & frites) before heading along to the ‘open stage jam’ at Little Stage in Neukoln. The talent on show in the bar was great and such a variety of instruments and styles… Alexis had a jam with some guitarists, piano & keys, bass and saxophone (look out for some footage in the tour video – coming soon) and it was great to see him playing drums again. Usually I’m onstage too and I can’t remember the last time I got to just sit back and enjoy.
Jam session at Little Stage in Neukoln, Berlin

Jam session at Little Stage in Neukoln, Berlin

Whilst we were there we caught up with Alex and managed to get the live recordings from our gig, so we’ll be able to mix them when we get home and possibly even have a couple of live tracks to send out to our mailing list subscribers when we return.
1.30am and the U-Bahn is still running so it’s no problem travelling across the city to get back to the apartment.

Next gig: Thursday 29th August, 2013 at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

It's gonna be a great gig!

It’s gonna be a great gig!

Next gig: Sunday 1st September, 2013 at Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh
swapping The Mickey 9’s for the mighty Lewis Gibson & The Midas Touch for the final show in Edinburgh – bring it on!

Wednesday 25th April 2012

Last week was one of the most stressful yet successful and rewarding weeks for me musically since, I don’t know when.
The stress & success both came from shooting the first ever Sacre Noir music video. Like many other ‘first time’ experiences, I was beyond nervous & apprehensive about the whole thing; the planning, delivery & execution of our ideas. Is the song even any good? Will anyone show up? Why are we even doing this…etc. Thankfully, we have a lot of very talented & creative contacts that were more than willing to share their skills to help us make this happen.

Before I go any further, I must say that both Alexis & Phil were amazing during this whole process. Not only as band member in the musical sense (although it doesn’t get said often enough how much I respect and admire both of their musical genius & contributions to Sacre Noir), but also as shoulders to cry on, stress out at and general throw diva fits around. You are both amazing & make this all worth-while!

So back to our (very) talented friends…
Firstly our film-maker was David from Boshpit productions.
Boshpit have previously delivered videos for some of Edinburgh finest bands and studios (and he’s a mate of our drummer) so who better to ask. We seemed to be pretty much on the same page from the first meeting. David really understood our concepts & themes and was an absolute pro from that first meeting right through to the end of the shoot. As I’m writing this I’m getting very excited and can’t wait to see the finished article, or even a little taster. I got to see a couple of bits on the day & they looked amazing, so watch this space for updates.
The venue & sound/lighting came with the help from Henry’s Cellar Bar & their amazingly cool engineer, Nora. We already love Nora as she has done our sound @ Henry’s many times and always makes us sound awesome, plus she really is ‘too cool for school’ so having her there for the day was excellent & helped put me @ ease a wee bit.
Make-up & hair came from the very talented Erin Culley. She had 3 characters to work with (2 ‘doll’ type characters & 1 clown) I don’t want to give too much away before the launch, but I will say “WOW that girl has a gift”! I had lots of ideas for how I wanted the characters to look & didn’t really think it would all work out, but Erin delivered everything I asked for and more. She took ideas from the cast & was able to adapt the original ideas as we went along. Erin has such a bubbly personality & was really professional, so everyone felt very comfortable with her & loved their make-up.
If it hadn’t been for these 3 lovely people, the video shoot day would NOT have gone as smoothly as it did. So, if you or anyone you know is looking for a creative team for music videos, live performance or photo shoots, get these guys.
More special thanks goes to our cast for the day – you were all amazing:
Clown – Andrew (from Kill Code Red)
Dolls – Lyndsey & Emma
Audience – TomSki, Chris Scott, Stephen Young, Lisa Naden, Fiona Neill
Also, a big thank you to Marius who was our photographer for the day & Margaret who took the behind the scenes footage. I’m sure both of these elements will shine a light on activities that I’m not even aware of yet.
So all & all making the first Sacre Noir video was one of the most stressful yet successful and rewarding musical experiences ever & I can’t wait to see the final results.
All this thinking and talking about making a music video, made me want to share a couple of excellently dark & definitely different videos that have come to my attention recently, and have been on repeat rotation since.
Firstly, ‘Good Day Today’ by David Lynch. It’s dark, moody and atmospheric in all the right ways…have a wee look:

And secondly, ‘Slides By’ which is the first single to be taken from the brand new A Band Of Buriers album entitled Filth, will be released in June.

You can buy the single from iTunes here:

Other musically rewarding experiences from last week include 2 of the best gigs I’ve been to in ages!
Wednesday 18th April, The Lemonheads @ HMV Picture House, Edinburgh
This was to be the 6th time I’d seen Evan Dando perform and it was a very special gig indeed, as the band were set to play the album ‘It’s a shame about Ray’ as a 20-year anniversary treat…and what a treat it was!
The album was played in order (minus Mrs Robinson) and Evan started by giving us few tracks first with just the acoustic guitar. During ‘All My Life’ I had a wee tear in my eye (maybe a bit over-emotional but it did feel very special) and then the band joined him for the rest of the album. We we’re also treated to a few tracks from other albums including my favourite ‘If I could talk I’d tell you”. The drummer & bass player were on fabulous form, tight as you like & loving every minute of the gig and although Evan looked a bit ‘out of it’ when he first stumbled onto the stage, he sounded amazing and gave his usual committed delivery to every song.

The Lemonheads

The Lemonheads @ HMV Picture House Edinburgh

Saturday 21st April, An Evening with Luke Haines @ The Continental, Preston
I’d never seen Luke Haines before & I’d never been to The Continental, but I’d highly recommend both as I had a great night! One man, a guitar, a Casio VL-Tone and a book (Post Everything) and a record to promote. The latter ‘Nine and a Half Psychedelic Meditations on British Wrestling of the 1970s and early ’80s’ is an excellent collection of tracks, but my favourite on the night was ‘Big Daddy Got a Casio VL-Tone’. This is a song which tells the story of what might go through the mind of the 80’s wrestler (real name: Shirley Crabtree) if he were to make music with said Casio VL-Tone. We were also treated to a short reading from ‘Post Everything’ (a very funny moment where Luke reminisced about the first National Pop Strike) and some classic tracks from previous outputs; The Auteurs and Baader-Meinhof.

Luke Haines

Luke Haines @ The Continental, Preston

A most excellent week indeed.