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They say never meet your heroes (or heroines) but in June we did just that and could not have had a better time if we were trying.
Chrysta Bell arrived in Edinburgh for two nights at The Voodoo Rooms as part of her ‘We Dissolve’ tour and Sacre Noir were honoured to be the support act for both shows.


For those who don’t already know Chrysta Bell, let me introduce you to the most enigmatic lady I’ve ever met.
Having spent the last 17 years working closely with David Lynch (a huge inspiration for everything we do with Sacre Noir), Chrysta Bell and her band are now promoting a new LP filled with lo-fi lush soundscapes, polished musicianship and stunning vocals.

“As background atmospheric sounds play through the PA, Bell takes to the stage, tall, elegant and mysterious. Immediately, she holds the attention of the audience. Some singers have excellent technical voices, while some performers have real presence. Bell combines both, in one, gorgeous package.” – Kenny Mathieson @

The Voodoo Rooms is a beautiful venue in the heart of Edinburgh (just off Princes Street), and although we have played in their smaller Speakeasy venue a few times in a previous musical life (Guantanmo Bay band circa 2006), we have never had the pleasure of playing in their main ballroom before.
“Lavishly decorated in blacks, golds and reds, The Voodoo Rooms is making the most of the neo-burlesque and retro chic movements currently in vogue and attracts a young and hip clientele as a result.” – Edinburgh Spotlight (2009-17)

As this was a really important gig for us, our friends and collaborators came out to support.
On both evenings Erin Culley re-created the make-up/styling from our forth-coming video. There are 2 looks in the new video ‘Rebels & Loners’, one pure and the other dark… we went for the striking black scatter eye with long vintage gown and black feather cape.

#SNY was also on hand both evenings to  provide some video / photo / social media support. As always it was a joy working with him (and great to catch up after his recent succesful debut exhibition of portrait photography).
He really a fantastically creative individual, who we are extremely lucky to count amongst our friends and supporters. Responsible for our Listen To Me video & promotional images for 2015, he set up our first ever Sacre Noir Facebook Live videos (some of these may have been about chips… I did say he was ‘individual’ and that’s why we love him!) and too some captured some fab images during both evenings.

We treated these gigs as our own ‘pre-tour warm up’ shows and tried out the new duo set-up (acoustic guitar, loop vocals with the Boss VE-20 and samples / fx from the Korg Kaoss Pad 3+).
You can check out a live video from the set on our YouTube channel.
YouTube_Print Message Here live @ The Voodoo Rooms

The audience on both evenings were very positive and the feedback was lovely. Most common comment was “the electronic stuff was really cool”… so I think we’ll add a few more looped tracks to the set for some of the London & Paris shows.

Chrysta’s set on both evenings was inspirational.
The band are super talented (Jon Sanchez – guitar, Christopher Smart – bass / theremin, Jayson Altman – drums) and apparently just finding their feet with their live show (I’d love to see what their version of perfection is if it’s not the show they gave us in Edinburgh).
We were treated to tracks from both previous LPs written and recorded with David Lynch (This Train & Somewhere In The Nowhere) as well as tracks from her brand new LP (We Dissolve) and even an unreleased track called “Undertow” – think Wicked Game with lush female vocals and a bit of a sultry beat.

The new LP ‘We Dissolve’ has been produced by John Parish who is known for his work with PJ Harvey & features Adrian Utley of Portishead & Stephen O’Malley from Sunn O))), so you can see why we were keen to pay attention during these shows; we’re always learning ‘on the job’ and this was a show where I feel I learned a lot!
Stagecraft, live production, style and songwriting, set delivery and so much more; it really was a masterclass as far as I’m concerned & I feel honoured to have been part of these very special nights.
I think one of my favourite tracks was “Monday”: here’s a link to her playing it live exactly 1 month after her 2nd night at The Voodoo Rooms.

These will be nights that will live long in our memories – #catchingthebigfish

SIDE NOTE: Chrysta Bell’s website is beautiful and well worth checking out

Sacre Noir & Chrysta Bell



It has been a wonderful start to 2017 as far as music goes here at SNHQ.

Feb. 2017
VIDEO published on 8 Feb 2017Too Dark to See by Sacre Noir live at Au Chat Noir

March 2017
VIDEO published on 1 Mar 2017 – Untitled by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko with Sacre Noir live at Au Chat Noir

Released March 31, 2017
1st EP of remixes by & corner of alternating (dejine:rec), UVBeatz and D.Soul the Soulsamurai.

All tracks copyright sacre noir / savage recordings 2017.
All original versions of tracks available on the Sacre Noir LP Nothing Falls Apart (Savage Recordings / 2016).

April 2017
Phil became a dad! Abigail arrived in April and mum, dad and baby are doing well!
All out love to the family Lock

VIDEO published on 27 Apr 2017 – Ovejas Eléctricas – Sin Título

Gig on 29th April at Henry’s Cellar Bar supporting Vinna Bee alongside CC Bloom presented by Mellow Promotions.

May 2017
VIDEO published on 21 May 2017Sacre Noir ‘A Rhythm Between Work & Sleep’ music video / behind the scenes

May 28th – filming of Rebels & Loners video @ The Wee Theatre, Edinburgh.
Special thanks to:
Stylist Erin Culley & Lorraine C for make-up assistance.
Our acting team Emma & Niamh, Lyndsey & Aimie – you all did an amazing job!
The team at ASDS (Lauren B – choreography, Callum F – admin, Gavin – general support and the senior dance troupe Sarah M, Sarah P, Kenzie, Francesca & Dana)
Release date is set for 22nd July at Bannerman’s bar, Edinburgh – details on the Facebook page.

Released May 31st, 2017
A second EP of remixes by HYS, sonarr and Sonic (all dejine-rec) plus the Savage Sound System.

All tracks copyright sacre noir / savage recordings 2017.
All original versions of tracks available on the Sacre Noir LP Nothing Falls Apart (Savage Recordings / 2016).


Gig: Friday 1st July 2016
The last week has been emotional and hectic to say the least. After the shock referendum result we were all a bit dazed and confused.

We kept busy & were able to distract ourselves with finishing the LP mixes, listening to mastered versions of each track, finishing the music video and putting together the package for Nothing Falls Apart.

Before we knew what had happened it was Thursday evening and we headed out for a pre-gig / tour rehearsal at Edinburgh’s Color Sound Studios.

Sometimes things happen just as planned and run ahead of schedule.
Sometimes things get a little lost in the mire.
Sometimes things happen pretty close to the edge.
But everything happens for a reason and so we carry on.
This is the way things are in Sacre Noir.

3pm Friday: bounce the final (FINAL) version of the new music video
4pm Friday: pack bags and ‘extras’ for the launch party
5pm Friday: arrive at The Safari Lounge, set up and realise we’ve forgotten stuff
6pm Friday: re-arrive at The Safari Lounge with the rest of our equipment
7pm Friday: doors open
7:30pm: Publisher hits the stage as the evening’s opening act.
The Edinburgh based, Dutchman brought his one-man electro set up and delivered a fantastic shoegaze-esque set. Guitar, vocals, fx, loopers and Kaoss Pads blended into soundscapes that invoked the music of Twin Peaks had it been sound-tracked by Ian Curtis.
Some songs were pretty commercial and were reminiscent of early Coldplay, others much more niche and geeky. Everyone loved the set & it was just a shame the man himself had to dash off to play another gig in town.
A perfect way to start the evening.
Track of the evening: Father

8:30pm: Next up was one of our favourite musicians in the city, Stephen McLaren; a passionate singer-songwriter who was on great form vocally (he even brought some banter about his song-writing process, which I really enjoyed).
Stephen played a crowd pleasing set; a nice balance of tracks from days in previous bands and new solo material.
A strong Scottish accent peppers his delivery and Stephen showed off not only his piano playing prowess but also his outrageous vocal range.
Track of the evening: We Used to Go Raving

This is exactly why we love to run our own events. We get to see acts that we really love and thankfully everyone else seems to enjoy our curation skills too.
We should definitely think about doing this more than just a couple of times a year.

9:30pm: Time for Sacre Noir to take to the stage.
We planned to play the new LP from start to finish (just as we did in 2012 when we launched Sinking into Darkness at the Hyperbubble show in Henry’s Cellar Bar).

It’s a good test of the running order and although not right for every venue, we felt the chilled atmosphere of The Safari Lounge could take the full on trip-hop experience that we’re hoping to delivery with Nothing Falls Apart.
The crowd reaction was great to the new material and after a quick trip to the bar to top up glasses it was the moment we had all been waiting for – the video preview.
Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 16.00.20.png

Again the crowd reaction was amazing. Speaking to people afterwards it was clear that the change in ‘style’ was welcome and fitted the track, linking the lyrics (quote and 1930’s inspiration) to the venue (The Biscuit Factory) and the music.
We DJ ‘d until it was time to go home, taking time out to catch up with friends and fellow local musicians.

@ Midnight: pressed ‘make public’ button on the YouTube page.
Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 16.04.08.png


1:30am time to go to bed
We have one more day to sort everything else out before hitting the road.

Saturday 2nd July 2016
We woke up early and got ourselves ready to head along to our favourite café / gallery (Art and Vintage) for one last lazy morning before we head off to London and Paris.
A few cappuccinos and one warmed almond croissant later and we were ready once more to take on the world. In reality this involved cleaning the house and finishing press releases, answering emails and backing up data. . . it really is a rock ‘n’ roll life we lead.

Sunday 3rd July 2016
After a very late night we arose first thing with the sunlight streaming through the curtains.
Coffee, tea, showers, last-minute packing and we’re off.

We caught the 11:00am Virgin train to London Kings Cross and after a pretty standard journey, headed over to St Pancreas and sent the big drum bag to Gare Du Nord. It’s a great service; no need to keep it with us in London as we’re only doing a small guitar vocal set during this first stop in London. Also saves us moving it to the hotel and back again which is always a bit of a pain as it is so heavy.
I had to get a new Oyster card on arrival as I totally forgot to look mine out, then we headed East and found our hotel.
First stop was The Broadway Theatre for coffee and a bit of time to enjoy the evening sunshine.
We ate at The Bengal Lancer in Barking which was really near the hotel and provided us with exactly what we needed; fine & tasty veggie food.
Caught the end of the France vs Iceland Euro2016 game, had a pre-bedtime jaunt to the local park & Abbey and then had an early night.

Next Gig: The Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town for EarMusic
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